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Guideline Language Priority

Guideline Report Method Name Uses ReportSectionList Postfix

for consistent naming.

Guideline Abbreviation Link Title Must Contain Abbreviated Text And Description Split By Semicolon

To create table of document abbreviations.

Tool Title Is Plural, Capitalized And Space Separated

For consistent naming patterns.

Guideline - Use gender neutral writing in documentation

Make text consistent.

Guideline Image Uses Publication Section As Anchor Reference

Patterns for working with images.

Guideline Document Name Must Use Anchor, Reference, Name, Version, Language And File Type

Main rule for document names.

Never call changeState of an external gadget

Do not use DOM id attribute in your gadget

Do not use Promise.prototype.then()

Do not use global variables in a gadget

Use JSON compatible arguments

Always check the returned value of a method

Guideline Live Tests Should Not Be Run On Production

Create and remove data is dangerous in production.

Guideline Sessions Are Not Allowed

Sessions are incompatible with clustering.

Guideline Tab Title Is Singular Capitalized And Space Separated

For consistent naming patterns.

Guideline Page Template Uses Method Naming Conventions

As page templates are used like scripts.

Guideline Listbox Method Is Named Using Module Type And Portal Type List

For consistent naming in forms.

Guideline Metadata Is Last Tab For Managers

For consistent appearance.

Guideline Method In Listbox Is Prefixed With Listbox Section

To provide understandable context.