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Guideline Listbox Method Is Named Using Module Type And Portal Type List

For consistent naming in forms.

Guideline Method In Listbox Is Prefixed With Listbox Section

To provide understandable context.

Guideline Listbox Uses List, Stat Or Count Method

For consistent naming.

Guideline Listbox Selection Uses Name Selection Postfix

For consistent naming.

Guideline Listbox Selection Name Must Follow module_name_selection Pattern

It is used to find parameters in listbox.

Guideline Listbox Must Only Be Put In Form Bottom Group

This is the default view of a module.

Guideline The Listbox Method Should Be Defined As SearchFolder To View Modules

To use portal catalog to display module content.

Guideline Add Column Portal Type If Listbox Contains Multiple Types

The listbox title will not display all types.

Guideline Hide Listbox Editable Fields On The Form

To ensure they are not rendered.

Guideline Set Listbox Title To Plural Of Portal Type Title If Applicable

Listbox title should reflect portal types displayed.

Guideline Use Method Post And UTF-8 Encoding On Forms

To name and declare forms consistently.

Guideline Set Form Title To What Is Displayed

For form consistency.

Guideline Never Set Search Row And Select Column On Listbox Inside Document View

It is not allowed in view mode.

Guideline Define Count Method As countFolder On Module Listbox

To use portal catalog.

Guideline Set Form Id To ModulePortalType_viewPortalTypeList

For form consistency.

Guideline Add Date In Listbox As Editable Date-Time Field

To allow to automatically adjust date format based on user preference.

Guideline Add Viewable Listbox Fields To More Columns

To allow user to view and toggle.

Guideline Set Form Action Base_doSelect On Forms

To name and declare forms consistently.

Guideline Use form_list Page Template On Forms

To name and declare forms consistently.

How To Configure a Listbox

How To showing how to configure a listbox, one of the most important elements in ERP5