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Guideline Language Priority

Guideline Report Method Name Uses ReportSectionList Postfix

for consistent naming.

Guideline Report Name Uses Portal Type Followed By View Report Name And Report

For consistent naming.

Guideline Form Report Dialog Is Postfixed With Report

For consistent naming

Guideline Define Report Action As object_report Linked With View Permission

To enable fast report button.

Guideline Never Render Reports Directly

Always go through dialog.

Reporting With Form Printout in ERP5

Description of FormPrintout, a reporting system in ERP5 that allows to create Printouts from ODF (Open Document Format) files for design and ERP5Form for contents.

How To Create OOO (Open Office) Report

How To showing how to create an OOO compatible report to be viewable with Open Office.

How To Create PDF Report

How To showing how to create a PDF report with arbitrary and unrestricted layout.

How To How To Add A Report

How To showing how to add a report in ERP5.