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ERP5 Quality

Quality introduces the ERP5 test infrastructure, development standards, the bug tracker as well as pointers to code repositories and guidelines for contribution.

Debug ERP5 Test Nodes

help on failing or non starting tests in ERP5 test nodes

Guideline Live Tests Should Not Be Run On Production

Create and remove data is dangerous in production.

Guideline Logs Must Contain Their Cause

Test report must contain info on the cause of a log

Guideline Test Changes Before Committing

Verify that system is usable after your change.

Guideline Use Log Levels

Log levels help understand the importance of a log.

Guideline Write Testable Code And Test Smart

To create quality code and tests.

Guideline Never Log Level Info Or More In Execution Path

Avoid trivial logs.

How To Write Zelenium Tests

How To showing how to write Zelenium integration tests for user interfaces.

Guideline Never Use Python If Obj if Obj Is Not A Simple Type

Truth testing in Zope/ERP5 can be surprising.

How To Run Zelenium Tests

How To showing how to run integration tests for user interfaces from inside ERP5.

Guideline Never Create Interdependent Test Methods

It makes finding broken tests much harder.

Guideline FailUnless Should Not Be Used In Python Unit Tests To Test Identity

Use assertEqual.