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Guideline Image Uses Publication Section As Anchor Reference

Patterns for working with images.

Guideline Image Format Must Be SVG Or PNG

No other formats are allowed (jpg/gif)

Guideline Image Should Have Publication Section Defined

To make images more easy to discover.

Guideline Image Should Not Be Wrapped By Hand For Fullsize Viewing

It will be done automatic.

Guideline Png Is Saved In Image And Svg In Web Page Module

SVGs are written in xml.

Guideline Images Inside SVG Must Be Embedded Using Reference Not With The Actual Image

Set correct references.

Guideline SVG Images must not have duplicate PNG image

Set correct references.

Guideline A Screeshot Displays Full Screen Without Bars

Patterns for working with screenshots.

Guideline Embedded SVG Image Must Have A Format Specified

Source format must be defined.

Guideline Image Must Have Alt Attribute

Required for certain templates. Add manually or dynamically.

Guideline Image Must Have Format And Display Parameter In Url

To not render images in original format and size.

Guideline Never Use Relative Url As Embedded Reference Inside SVG

SVG internal links are fragile.