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Developer Documentation

NEO Protocol Specification

Specification of the NEO architecture and protocol

Nexedi testing infrastructure explained

Description of all public Nexedi tests

How To Setup A KVM For Uploads Packages

This post is aiming to explain how to create a KVM and configure it for uploads packages to the Shacache system

Re6st Control Flow

Summary of re6st control flow

Re6st Components

Description of all the components involved in a re6st node and re6st registry

Tutorial/Learning Track - Creating A Forum Module

Tutorial teaching to develop ERP5 by setting up a new instance and creating a forum application.

Nexedi test naming convention

Document describing how we name test suites

How To Debug ERP5 Portal Activities

Information on how to debug portal actitvities

How To Setup Testnode With Network Restriction

This post is aiming to explain how to create a KVM and set up a test node in it with some network restrictions.

Guideline Language Priority

Guideline Report Method Name Uses ReportSectionList Postfix

for consistent naming.

Guideline Abbreviation Link Title Must Contain Abbreviated Text And Description Split By Semicolon

To create table of document abbreviations.

How to get started with Out-of-core NumPy arrays

A minimal tutorial to learn how to use wendelin.core library. It shows how to install wendelin.core and do basic out-of-core operations on ndarrays.

How To request Wendelin via the SlapOS Dashboard

Step by step guide on requesting a Wendelin Instance in the SlapOS Panel

How To Use Commit From ERP5

Document showing how to work with business templates using git from inside ERP5.

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Introducing SlapOS Architecture

An introduction to SlapOS architecture intended for developers.

SlapOS SLAP Protocol

An SVG software diagram of SLAP protocol.

SlapOS Architecture Overview

An SVG diagram of SlapOS architecture.

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