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Officejs Mynij Export Source JSON

Officejs Mynij Proxy deploy in Webrunner

Officejs Mynij Publish Update Source

Officejs Mynij Publish new Source Opened

Officejs Mynij Publish new Source

Officejs Mynij Store Source Installed

Officejs Mynij Officejs Source Store

ERP5 Item bt5 Presentation

Mostly design discussions at the moment

How To Debug ERP5

How To showing tips and tricks on debugging ERP5.

Tool Title Is Plural, Capitalized And Space Separated

For consistent naming patterns.

Learning Track: How to create a forum module

This document provides a learning track for experienced developers -> FLAG for archive, replaced by

ERP5 Quality

Quality introduces the ERP5 test infrastructure, development standards, the bug tracker as well as pointers to code repositories and guidelines for contribution.

Nexedi testing infrastructure explained

Description of all public Nexedi tests

Install and Use Mynij for search

Instructions on installing and using Mynij Search Engine

Guideline - Use gender neutral writing in documentation

Make text consistent.

SlapOS Command Line Usage

SlapOS Command Line Usage

ERP5 Content Creation Guideline

Rules for authors for content creation in order to maintain a consistent way of writing documents.

OfficeJS ERP5 Application Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an offline-first, mobile-friendly OfficeJS web app from scratch based on ERP5, RenderJS and jIO.

Wendelin.core - Release howto

This howto documents wendelin.core release procedure. It also applies to other Python software, for example to zodbtools and pygolang.

How to get started with Out-of-core NumPy arrays

A minimal tutorial to learn how to use wendelin.core library. It shows how to install wendelin.core and do basic out-of-core operations on ndarrays.