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Wendelin Data Process Example

How to deploy SlapOS Master with SlapOS

A step by step guide to allocate SlapOS Master instances with SlapOS either through VIFIB Web user interface or through slapconsole command line interface.

How To Create New Template

How To showing how to create templates and enable them for a specific portal type.

Catalog Migration

New ERP5 Catalog and migration process.

How To Create Action Dialogs

How To showing the rules to follow when creating new action dialogs.

How To Write Zelenium Tests

How To showing how to write Zelenium integration tests for user interfaces.

How To Update Business Template

How to showing steps to update an business templates on an existing erp5 instance

How To Use Git Client in ERP5

How To showing usage of the integrated git client in ERP5 to work with code.

How To Use Commit From ERP5

Document showing how to work with business templates using git from inside ERP5.

How To Contribute To ERP5

How To outlining how to fork and contribute to ERP5.

Tutorial/Learning Track - Creating A Forum Module

Tutorial teaching to develop ERP5 by setting up a new instance and creating a forum application.

How To Build Pyodide - Add new Service in SlapOS

Adding a new Service in SlapOS

How To Build Pyodide - Set Up sudo on Debian 9

Add root privileges to current user, instead of installing everything as root, with root-only permissions.

How To Build Pyodide - Contents of /etc/ssh folder

/etc/ssh folder should have the following contents in order to allow for another computer to ssh into the computer

How To Build Pyodide -How to SSH into KVM

Using example username, hostname and port, ssh into KVM set up through SlapOS

How To Build Pyodide - KVM Debian 9 Desktop Screen

Initial Screen seen on KVM after installing debian 9.

How To Build Pyodide - PWD Command

Path to Current Working Directory in KVM

How To Build Pyodide - Connection Parameters in SlapOS

Connection Parameters to VM in SlapOS

How To Build Pyodide - Parameters for VM

Set Initial Parameters for KVM in SlapOS