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Developer Documentation

Guideline Abbreviation Link Title Must Contain Abbreviated Text And Description Split By Semicolon

To create table of document abbreviations.

Guideline - Use gender neutral writing in documentation

Make text consistent.

Guideline Image Uses Publication Section As Anchor Reference

Patterns for working with images.

Guideline A Documentation Document Must Have Group And Classification Defined

This determines accessibility.

Guideline Web Section And Exportable Document Should Have Short Title Specified

Used in exports.

Guideline Document Should Have Explicit Predecessors And Successors Defined

To improve overall document strucute.

Guideline Document Should Have Follow-Up Defined

Follow-Up handles theming and relation to other objects

Guideline Code Snippet Uses Code Tag Wrapped In Pre Tag

Code section convention.

Guideline Content Should Be Served By Cdn If Anonymous<

Hosting guideline.

Guideline Documentation Document Is Classified Using Publication Section

For categorising documentation.

Guideline Document Content Does Not Contain $Macros

Macros introduce dependencies and reduce portability of a document.

Guideline Beware of Editor Autoformat

Patterns to avoid when creating document content.

Guideline Document Content Should Never Contain Head Or Body Tag

Content represents the content of the body tag.

Guideline Document Content Is Written In HTML5

Documents are written in HTML5.

Guideline Image Format Must Be SVG Or PNG

No other formats are allowed (jpg/gif)

Guideline Content Should Be Served Using Asset And Blob Subdomains

Convention for working with urls.

Guideline Table Uses Thead Tbody And Caption Tags

For consistent appearance.

Guideline Link Explaining Abbreviation Is Wrapped in Square Bracket And Uses Abbreviation As Link Text

For automatic link formatting.

Guideline Link Text On Applicable And Referenced Documents Is AD/RD

Counters are added automatically.

Guideline Document Theme Is Set Using Follow Up Software Product

For predicate and themeing.