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Guideline Never Store Calculation Result In Python Property

Only store original content.

Guideline Never Use Aq_parent To Get Document Parent In Python

Use getParentValue()

Guideline Never Override Python Builtin Names

Debugging will be much harder.

Guideline Call Parent Method For Zope Hook Method Override In Python

Needs an explanation.

Guideline Python Class Method Should Have Security Declaration

Don't forget security declaration on class methods.

Guideline Knowing Python And Zope Is Required For Developing ERP5

The basics a deveoper needs.

Guideline Never Use Python If Obj if Obj Is Not A Simple Type

Truth testing in Zope/ERP5 can be surprising.

Guideline Use Methods To Access Properties In ERP5

ERP5 is method based.

Guideline FailUnless Should Not Be Used In Python Unit Tests To Test Identity

Use assertEqual.

Rapid Application Development with ERP5: a Forum Tutorial

A tutorial which explains how to create applications with ERP5 using the buil-in RAD (rapid application development) environment of ERP5.

Tutorial Basic Python

A tutorial on Python basics, teaching syntax, data types, classes, methods, functional programming and iterators.