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Guideline Never Access State_change Object In ERP5 Workflow Scripts

Use state_change["attribute_name"].

Guideline Never Hardcode Interactions

Use interaction workflows instead.

Guideline Workflows Should Define Worklists

So user knows what he has to do in My Favorites.

Guideline First Level Portal Types Should Have A Validation Workflow

Documents follow a lifecycle.

Guideline Define And Translate Workflow Titles

For a meaningful workflow history.

Guideline Configuration And Project Business Templates Must Include Roles For Group, Site And Function

Extend generic security permissions.

Guideline The Default Dialog Should Be Used For All Transitions

Base_viewWorkflowActionDialog should always be enough.

Guideline Workflow Validation Scripts Must Be Well Defined

To ensure data consistency.

Guideline A Validation Workflow Must Have A Delete State And Action

Deleting a document is part of the document life cycle.

Guideline Define Workflow Permission To Allow Redefinition On Workflow States

This allows redefiniton on each document.

Guideline Generic Business Templates Must Have Security Roles Set On States And Transitions

Must always be present.

Guideline Define Transition Title From A Business Point Of View

User must understand easily.

Guideline Define Workflow Titles From A Business Point Of View

User must understand easily

Guideline Define The Roles Allowed To Excecute A Transition

Follow ERP5 5A security model.

Guideline Workflow Validation Scripts Must Return Translated Messages

They are visible in user interface and workflow history.

Guideline Favor simulation_state Or validation_state For Workflow State

Stored in portal_catalog.

Guideline Never Forget Edit Workflow On Documents

Needed to track creation and modification history.

Guideline Workflow State Is Single Adjective Or Verb

To ensure consistent layouts.

Guideline Never Use DoActionFor In ERP5

Use transition methods to manually trigger workflow transitions.

Ticket Workflow

Ticket Workflow