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Guideline Call Parent Method For Zope Hook Method Override In Python

Needs an explanation.

Guideline Python Class Method Should Have Security Declaration

Don't forget security declaration on class methods.

Guideline Code Should Work If All Else Fails

Always assume a part your code is depending on may not work.

Guideline Prevent Acquisition From Acquiring Restricted Properties In Python

To prevent acquisition errors.

Guideline Comments Should Be Used Wisely

Don't make unnecessary comments.

Guideline Knowing Python And Zope Is Required For Developing ERP5

The basics a deveoper needs.

Guideline PDF Style Sheet Should Also Follow Form And Method Conventions

To ensure consistent naming patterns.

Guideline Reserved CSS Classes Should Not Be Used Or Overloaded

To ensure the UI stays consistent.

Guideline Use Recommended Layout CSS Classes

To ensure consistent layouts.

Guideline Workflows Should Define Worklists

So user knows what he has to do in My Favorites.

Guideline The Listbox Method Should Be Defined As SearchFolder To View Modules

To use portal catalog to display module content.

Guideline First Level Portal Types Should Have A Validation Workflow

Documents follow a lifecycle.

Guideline Use Activities For Heavy Computations

To maintain responsive system.

Guideline The Default Dialog Should Be Used For All Transitions

Base_viewWorkflowActionDialog should always be enough.

Guideline Unset Acquire Local Roles On Document Portal Type Configuration If Applicable

sub and parent document security may differ.

Guideline Do Not Mix Description And Comment

They have different meanings.

Guideline Favor simulation_state Or validation_state For Workflow State

Stored in portal_catalog.

Guideline Listbox Only Tabs Should Have A Read Only Title In Center Group

To display info on what is being shown.

Guideline Add Complete Description To Glossary Terms

To provide context which is often needed.

Guideline Web Section And Exportable Document Should Have Short Title Specified

Used in exports.