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Developer Documentation

How To Debug ERP5 Portal Activities

Information on how to debug portal actitvities

How To Debug ERP5

How To showing tips and tricks on debugging ERP5.

Nexedi Extended Guidelines for Testing

document providing internal info on infrastructure and how to write/run tests.

Debug ERP5 Test Nodes

help on failing or non starting tests in ERP5 test nodes

How To Use Multiple Users Simultaneously

How To showing how to use multiple users for testing and security configuration.

Technical Note Common Pitfalls

ERP5 common pitfalls provides hints about why your code doesn't work as you'd expect.

Guideline Never Use Reindex In ERP5

Reindexing is for debugging only.

Guideline Logs Must Contain Their Cause

Test report must contain info on the cause of a log

Guideline Log Clear Enough To Disable Easily

It should be easy to track logs in the code.

Guideline Never Commit Debugger Code

No pdb-related code (import, call to set_trace, ...).

Guideline Use Log Levels

Log levels help understand the importance of a log.

Guideline Create Resonable Log Messages

The code will be read in many contexts.

Guideline Never Log Level Info Or More In Execution Path

Avoid trivial logs.

High Performance Zope with ERP5

Presentation demonstrating how to increase the performance of Zope in ERP5.

Technical Note on Common Python Pitfalls

Technical Note on common pitfalls when working with Python.

How To Get Started To Debug ERP5

Information on where to get started to debug ERP5

Technical Note on Activities

ERP5 Documentation Technical Note showing definitions and scheduling of activities.

Technical Note on Installation Troubleshooting

notes showing how to solve the a number of installation problems.

Technical Note on Zope SQL Connectors

showing how to query SQL databases from Zope server by using Zope SQL connectors.

ERP5 Bug Tracker

Overview over current ERP5 bugs, errors and feature requests.