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Guideline Image Uses Publication Section As Anchor Reference

Patterns for working with images.

Guideline Document Name Must Use Anchor, Reference, Name, Version, Language And File Type

Main rule for document names.

Guideline Reference Should Never Use Arbitrary Numbers Or Abbreviations

Be concise.

Guideline Document Naming Conventions

[split] Describes the syntax of document references and file naming at Nexedi.

Guideline Language Is Abbreviated As Two Lowercase Characters

Language in document name.

Guideline In Document Name Publication Section Is Written In Camelcase

Publication Section convention.

Guideline Version Number Is Ascending And Use Three Digits

Versioning in document name.

Guideline Project Reference Uses A Suffix And Character Sequence Separated By Hyphen

Document name project reference rules.

Guideline Group Reference Is Uppercase And Uses Category Value

Group determines viewing permission.

Guideline Reference Anchor Uses Uppercase Group, Project, Publication Section Or Business

Document name reference options.

Guideline Publication Section In Document Name Is Separated By Hypen And Lowercase

When used in document name

Guideline Business Reference Is An Uppercase Id And Number Sequence Separated By Hyphen

Used as document name anchor.

Guideline Document Name Is Camel Case And Dot Separated

Name in document name