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TioLive Features Summary

This page provides a general description of the features of applications bundled in TioLive.
  • Last Update:2010-10-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive is a TIO (Total Information Outsourcing) platform, which has been designed to allow SME to use ERP5, the most advanced open source ERP. TioLive is the easiest and fastest way for small and medium company to get an ERP.

With TioLive, no matter the size of the company or its revenue, you have a complete application solution to manage your business.

Customers relationship management

TioLive will help you understand your customers like never before. It allows you to easily track all support requests through its ticket system and lets you keep track of all your sale opportunities in a transparent way.

You can organize marketing campaigns or product releases with a few easy clicks, keep track of all your incoming and outgoing email or phone calls and much more.

Learn how ERP5 Express Customer Relationship Management can help you build profitable relationships with all your customers.


TioLive Accounting is one of the easiest to use accounting applications available. It provides everything your company needs for accounting including different accounting plans, support for multi-currency accounting and automated consistency checking as well as a flexible reporting engine.

Learn more about the TioLive Accounting solution.

Documents management system

Organize all your business documents and make them easily accessible from everywhere by using the TioLive Document Management System.

The DMS allows teams of authors to collaborate to create content and automatically makes all your documents searchable in its powerful search engine.

Old versions of your documents can be stored by the archiving system and all documents can be converted to multiple formats due to the integrated conversion engine.

Learn how the TioLive Document Management System can help you create, find and convert documents without hassle.

People and Contacts

Understand your employees and manage all of your organizational contacts with TioLive.

TioLive allows you to store information about persons and organizations such as employees, press contacts, suppliers or customers ranging from their phone number or email address to more detailed information such as bank account information, social security numbers or corporate codes.

You can track the career development of your employees and define multiple assignments for them. The Business Intelligence capabilities of TioLive allow you to categorize, search and drill down by multiple categories such as skills, geographic regions or product interests.

Learn more about the innovative way in which TioLive handles persons and organisations.

Purchase and Sales

TioLive provides a full featured ERP which implements core business processes for Sales and Purchases. Thanks to inventory planning and drilling, you can track movements of resources in the past and analyze planned movements. Invoices are generated automatically based on delivered Packing Lists.

Learn more about the ERP provided with TioLive.


TioLive provides a complete communication environment for all your employees: Business Email, Business Chat and Business Phone. No extra configuration is needed. As soon as a user is created in TioLive, his or her mailbox, chat address and phone are delivered automatically.