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Contact Management with TioLive

Description of the contact management, of the human resource basic management scope and the user management features.
  • Last Update:2009-10-30
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive leverages ERP5 - the most advanced open source ERP - to provide best of breed contact management and human resource management in a simple, efficient and centralized way.

ERP5 has been successfully implemented to manage the contact database of small businesses or to manage the contact information of business registries with more than 100,000 companies. Thanks to TioLive, small businesses can now use ERP5 for free.

One place for all your data

TioLive stores all your persons and organizations in one place and differentiates between them by assigning roles to them. Roles include: clients, suppliers, staff, partners, media, government, users, etc.

This means that if one of your contacts has multiple roles (ex. both client and supplier), all contact information is still kept on the same record in TioLive database, which prevents data duplication and inconsistencies. It also greatly increases the flexibility of the system as well as the ease of use due to a unified user interface.

Business Intelligence (BI)

TioLive supports categorization of persons and organizations by many criteria such as skills, geographic location, function and many more.

You can combine any of those criteria to search for persons or organizations by using the integrated Business Intelligence functionality.

It has never been easier to slice and dice your data and drill down to the detailed information that you need.

Human Resource Management (HR)

The integrated HR functionality of TioLive allows you to keep track of the careers of employees from the day they enter your organization and you can easily identify the skills of your employees from the skills portfolios.

You can also associate employees to multiple assignments to represent that they are working on different tasks at the same time.

Because of the integration with TioLive Accounting you also have access to the payrolls of your employees at any time from anywhere within the system.

Integrated User Management (SSO)

Any person with a record in TioLive contact management module can be upgraded (at not cost) into a TioLive user in less than 10 seconds. You can use this feature to open or close user accounts for your staff. You can also grant access to your work environment to your suppliers, partners or clients.

Each user will then benefit from all TioLive features: chat, email, VOIP, etc. Thanks to TioLive multi-assignment security model, it is possible to restrict access and protect sensitive data based on the user roles and functions.

It is even possible for the most demanding users to publish credential information into a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory and use TioLive as the foundation of your corporate Single Sign On (SSO) architecture.

Feature overview

  • Business Intelligence support
  • career tracking
  • multi-assignment support
  • multi-category support
  • skill management
  • integrated user management
  • single sign on (SSO)
  • proven and scalable architecture