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Document Management with TioLive

Description of TioLive document management scope
  • Last Update:2009-10-30
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive leverages ERP5 Document Management System (DMS) to provide simple and efficient Entreprise Content Management (ECM). ERP5 DMS is used by numerous small businesses to keep track of their corporate documents.

It is also used by large multinational companies and governments to manage 100,000 documents with strict security policies, versioning and multilingual constraints. Thanks to TioLive, small businesses can now use ERP5 DMS for free.

Easy Ingestion

All your digital business documents can be ingested into the DMS and used right away. Due to the metadata extraction system all you have to do is name your document correctly and it will be uploaded in the right place with the right security and fully configured with just one click.

To make it even easier it is possible to scan your paper based documents and directly send them to the DMS from your copy machine.

Because the ingestion of documents is so easy, it is possible to get all business documents of a small company ingested into the Document Management System and ready to use in less than one day.


The TioLive Document Management System lets you work on documents in teams. Multiple employees can work on the creation or modification of a document without conflicts due to the integrated revision and versioning system.

TioLive DMS is workflow based, allowing documents to be set to different states of completion, giving you a good overview of the status of all your documents.

Sharing and archiving

All documents can be shared with whom you want. You can share a document with some selected colleagues, your accountant, a department, with certain customers or with everyone.

As soon as a new version of a document is uploaded the old version will automatically be replaced and archived.

Search and convert

All documents that are ingested in the system become fully searchable which means that you will drastically reduce the amount of duplicated work.

You can also convert all your documents to a wide variety of open and proprietary formats such as odt, ods, odp, doc, xls, ppt, pdf.

Feature overview

  • archiving system

  • automatic ingestion from office copy machines

  • collaborative document creation and extension

  • conversion engine that supports all data formats

  • flexible document sharing

  • full text search of all documents powered by an integrated search engine

  • metadata extraction and easy ingestion

  • revision and versioning system

  • workflow based document management