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Customer Relationship Management with TioLive

Description of the CRM scope.
  • Last Update:2009-10-30
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive leverages ERP5 - the most advanced open source ERP - to provide best of breed Customer Relation Management (CRM). ERP5 has been successfully implemented to manage CRM requirements of small businesses or those of large call centers with more than 300 customer agents. Thanks to TioLive, small businesses can now use ERP5 CRM for free.

Campaigns, meetings, prospects and event management

With TioLive CRM, you can create and manage all kinds of different campaigns from market surveys to the PR and marketing campaigns for a new product.

You can also manage meetings such as project meetings, sales meetings or even entire conferences and there will be an event in your system for all mail, phone calls, fax and letters be they incoming or outgoing so that you can easily track what has been answered and what needs to be done to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

React to customer support requests

The integrated ticket tracking system allows you to keep track of all customer support requests and helps you reduce the time until an answer is send.

All support requests can be in different states of reply to make it easy for all your employees to see what needs to be done to keep your customers happy.

Never lose a sale again

TioLive CRM provides a module to handle all your sale opportunities which helps you turn opportunities into real profits by categorizing them by profitability, risk and much more more.

It is possible for your sales force to get information about new sale opportunities on their mobile phones as SMS alerts so that they can visit the customers immediately.

They can get all the customer information on their mobile phones to make sure the customer contact will turn into a customer contract.

Integrated mail and VOIP support

TioLive CRM integrates both mail and voice over IP telephony with your CRM application so that you can instantly send mails to customers or call them with one mouse click.

If you have an incoming phone call event you can immediately answer it with voice over IP telephony and you can use the mail integration to send mass customized mails to reporters for PR campaigns.

Feature overview

  • campaigns such as marketing and PR campaigns, market surveys, purchase campaigns, sales campaigns

  • incoming and outgoing events such as fax, letters, mail, notes, phone calls, visits, web messages

  • integrated mail support and mass mailing

  • integrated voice over IP support

  • meetings such as conferences, partnership meetings, purchase meetings, project meetings, sales meetings

  • sale opportunities

  • support requests based on ticket handling engine