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Developer Documentation

Install and Use Mynij for search

Instructions on installing and using Mynij Search Engine

How To Use Complex Queries

How To showing how to use complex queries for more advanced searches in ERP5.

Technical Note on Catalog Uid Handling

Specifications of catalog uid handling

Quick Search Area

How the Quick Search Area works.

Technical Note on SQL Catalog Structure

showing the structure of the portal catalog SQL tables used in ERP5.

Technical Note on Predicate

showing how to define a predicate to provide a list of documents on web section or it's default page.

How To Add Custom Table to SQL Catalog

showing how to add custom tables to the SQL Catalog to more easily search for custom properties.

How To Use Tritonn Search

How To showing how to use Tritonns patched version of MySQL with better full text search using Senna.

How To Use Sphinx Search Engine

How To showing how to add another possibility to fulltext search documents in ERP5.

How To Create Related Keys

How To showing how to extend the CatalogTool from ERP5Catalog to add new search keys.

How To Search Portal Catalog

How To showing a tool that indexes all documents in a site, making it easy to search for documents.