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Install and Use Mynij for search

Instructions on installing and using Mynij Search Engine
  • Last Update:2020-11-18
  • Version:001
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Install Mynij in your web browser and use it as your prefered search engine

These instructions will help you get Mynij in your web browser for the first use. 

What is Mynij?

Mynij is a web search engine designing on opensource software for online search and discovery.

Mynij wants to create these not as proprietary solutions, but as free as opensource software that any person or application can use without restrictions and modify to their own needs and the needs or others.

Mynij is designed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) which can run offline in a web browser, based on RenderJS and JIO (You may still need for now internet connection to open web page from your search result). It's capable of crawling web sites by itself, as long as a sitemap.xml file is provided.

Crawling a web site from the browser is possible with the proxy in erp5 which is between your browser and the web site to crawl.

Mynij will then display results of search from its own indices and next to that will also display Google Search results.


Installing Mynij in your web browser

Mynij is currently available as a PWA in Officejs Appstore. The following steps will show you how you can access and install Mynij for the first usage in your web browser. 

Access Appstore

Officejs Appstore - Dashboard

Go to appstore and click on Mynij. You will be redirected to Mynij app and the installation will start immediately.

Mynij Offline installation

Mynij App Offline installation

All files required to run Mynij app offline will be downloaded and stored in your web browser indexeddb. When finished, you are immediately redirected to storage configuration.

Choose your Storage

Mynij - Choose your storage

Choose the storage for storing mynij indexes and web pages, for example: Select Local is Enough to store files in your web browser indexeddb. When Mynij will build sitemap, the result will be stored in the storage you've choosen.

Add Sitemap URL

Mynij - Add Source Web Page

Add a new sitemap source.

Mynij - Edit Sitemap

Edit Sitemap information and click on save. You can add more that one URL in your sitemap index.

Build indexes

Mynij - Index is Built

Click on Actions -> Build Index, then click on build index again. The build will start as background job, please do not close your web browser until you are notified that the build is finished.

Make your first search in Mynij

Mynij - Search Result

Click on Search menu, enter your pattern and select an index in the list. Type enter to search. Result will be showed below, you can also click on Google Icon to see Google result from your search.

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