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RenderJS Concepts

RenderJS API - Quickguide

Tutorial/Learning Track - jQuery Mobile

This document provides a learning track for experienced developers.

Guideline Use Of JavaScript Id Attribute Is Not Allowed

Duplicate ids will beak a page.

Guideline JavaScript Class Name And Id Attribute Are Lowercase With Underscore Separator

General coding convention.

Guideline Code Must Be Validated With JsLint

To ensure consistent syntax and quality.

Guideline Use Of JavaScript Globals Is Discouraged

Better never declare any globals anyway.

Guideline A Non Anonymous JavaScript Method Must Be Declared Before Use

Jslint will throw on this, too.

Guideline JavaScript Closing Bracket Is At Indent Of Function Call

Consistent coding patterns.

Guideline JavaScript Opening Brace Is On Line Of Current Statement

Consistent coding patterns.

Guideline JavaScript Constructor Starts With Captial Letter

Consistent Javascript patterns.

Guideline Abbreviations Are Not Allowed

Context is lost quickly.

ERP5 Gadgets Introduction

A very early draft of Gadget design documentation.