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List of open source ERP

This page provides a list of alternative ERP software which can be used with the GNU/Linux operating system.
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This page provides a list of ERP software which can be used with the GNU/Linux operating system.

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Some are Free / Open Source and some are proprietary. A list of Free / Open Source ERP5 solutions is provided at the ResourceLibrary/FreeErp


Proprietary ERP system with Linux compatibility.


Accounting software. Linux compatible. Includes many "multi" features.


ERP for upper SMEs and subsidiaries of large corporations.

Appgen MyBooks

All-in one ERP solution with Java client and Linux / MacOS compatibility.


Web based software for CRM, HRM and KM.


General proprietary ERP with Linux compatibility.


CK-Ledger with 9 modules (LedgerAdmin, Ledger, Inventory, Service, AP, AR, PO, SO, Quotation) is written in PHP and runs above phpGroupWare. It provides accounting functionalities for SMEs & utilizes phpgw to admin accounts/groups.

CSB System

A German ERP solution. Marketing highlights Linux compatibility.


Compiere is and Open Source ERP solution based on Oracle which has been sponsored by Goodyear Germany. It uses Java on the client side and seems to have a Web client. The product looks very serious.

E/AS: Enterprise Automation Software

E/AS is a software project to create an open source framework for an enterprise automation needs. We are trying to attain the next-generation solution, the next step in the enterprise management. The main benefit that will allow us to achieve this goal is the progressive object model used to assembly different substances in the entire tree.


The ERP5 is currently developped for a major apparel company in France. It will include advanced manufacturing and CRM features. Development uses the Zope object publishing environment. Although at early stage, the project is very promissing.


Spanish ERP/CRM software project distributed under GPL license


Spanish ERP/CRM software project distributed under GPL license

Financial Software for Linux

A very good overview of existing accounting and financial application for Linux. Includes free and non-free software.


FISTERRA is a project that aims to provide a generic Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner). The code is available under the GNU Public License


FoxOnLinux is a business software package that consists of several components including software, training, online courses, etc.


FreeGEBIG (in French)

FreeGEBIG is a free accounting and order management solution published under GPL license. It is however based on a proprietary commercial COBOL environment which is required.

GICA & FreeGICA (in French and Dutch)

ERP software for Linux. Freeware version provides basic accounting. Uses a java client to provide a terminal-like interface. Partnership with Mandrake.

Granix (in French)

All-in-one ERP solution for industrial small and medium companies. Linux compatible.


Offre ERP fondée sur Oracle. Compatible Linux.


Modular ERP for SMEs.

Integral Accounting

Accounting package for Linux. Unavailable now.

Interlogiciels (in French)

Proprietary ERP solution for Linux and Windows. Very strong market position in France.

Journyx TimeSheet

Worforce management system with Linux compatibility.


D.E.A. is the best Open Source ERP package available and handles the functionality of Order Management, Invoice Management and Budget Management within larger enterprises. With version 3.0 we bring you a better user interface, increased reporting functionality, enhanced security and much more.


Linux General Ledger

Cheap accounting package with console interface.


Négoce GTX (in French)

Linux compatible accounting, billing and ordering solution for retail businesses.


Project (in French) aiming at creating full accounting/payroll/invoicing suite

Pacific Timesheet Software

Online Timesheet, Project management with Linux compatibility.


Java based client ERP with Linux compatibility.

Precix (in French)

General ERP software with Linux compatibility. Includes manufacturing module.

Presto ERP

General ERP proprietary software with Java and Web interface. Developped in Java.


Offre ERP sous Linux. Implantée chez Thalès. Notion de temps réel permettant d'éviter les batch et les incohérences d'information.

Proprietary Business Finance Software For Linux

A list of proprietary ERP applications for GNU/Linux

Proven Choice

Accounting system for Linux


All-in-one management solution for SMEs with e-commerce features.


RDS v5i is a business management information system that includes a complete series of fully integrated modules that can also be installed on a "stand alone" basis.

Replicon Web Resources

Resource management system with Linux compatibility.


ERP solutions for large corporations and upper medium companies. Compatible with most platforms including Linux.

SOS Compta (in French)

Java based business software compatible with Linux. Status is unknown.

SQL Ledger

SQL Ledger provides basic accounting, invoicing billing and payment. It is based on perl and PosgreSQL. It is compatible with most SQL databases. It has been translated and localised in about 20 languages. Although quite simple, it is very well designed for a small company.


Sage provides a complete range of solutions for small to medium companies in the fields of accounting and ERP. Sage signed in 2002 a distribution agreement with IBM to distribute part of its products for Linux in the UK.


ERP solution for industrial SMEs.


XUL / PostgreSQL based ERP solution made in Caen (France).

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