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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

Latest News

20-09 2017

Optimising MariaDB for Big Data

MariaDB is used at the core of ERP5 and Wendelin. Thanks to NEO distributed object store, MariaDB can store hundred terabyte of big data information such as wind turbine vibration, noise, server logs, etc. We explain in this blog how we currently optimise MariaDB to obtain good results and what remains to be done at the core of MariaDB to reach even further scalability.
12-08 2017

High Peformance Multi-core Python at Nexedi

Nexedi has been able to use python language in a multi-core high performance fashion for over 10 years. We explain how in this blog and provide a simple set of rules to quickly remember how and why python is suitable for concurrent programming. We also explain our decision to use golang in rare cases where python is not suitable.
20-07 2017

IFF and Nexedi bootstraps the Cloudooo Network, a free cloud of universal office document conversion servers

Press release to announce that Nexedi Brasil announces ERP5 Data, an open source ERP solution to sell Governement Data and publish Open Data
19-07 2017

WebAssembly as target for linux kernel : a dream that may soon come true

The Web world is converging to have full high performance computing runtime available right in the browser. WebAssembly development will soon bring to JavaScript world the necessary primitives we need to make a proper Linux in browser port.

Latest Documents

31-10 2017

Nexedi Stack Licensing Options

Description of Nexedi licensing policy and business model based on Free Software licenses and exceptions.
10-10 2017

OSOE - ERP 101

This presentation will teach you what is an ERP.
10-10 2017

Careers and Assignments

In this presentation, you will learn the universal work-flow of careers and assignments and their application within ERP5.
03-10 2017

Open Source Innovation

Nexedi is on the forefront of open source innovation by emphasizing research and development and collaborating closely with partners and academic institutions.
03-10 2017

Free Software

Nexedi has created, maintains and provides customization services for a full stack of free software solutions.