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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

Latest News

04-01 2016

Nexedi Supports Pyston Development

Last November Nexedi hired Boxiang Sun, key community contributor to the development of Pyston, a performance-oriented Python implementation.
24-09 2015

Wendelin: core version 0.5 upgrade and performance tests

Wendelin Core was upgraded to version 0.5 adding support for two different formats of data storage. We compare their performance against MariaDB and look ahead.
15-09 2015

Nexedi releases first open source e-government platform in China for lightning protection based on ERP5

Nexedi released today the first open source lightning protection egovernment platform after studying during 9-months the business process of lightning protection in China. The platform is built on the ERP5 workflow with full customization to Chinese lightning protection business process and decision-making flow, together with modern e-business features: e-signature, document management, real-time image capturing, geo-location, mobile access. etc.
09-09 2015

Wendelin: new 0.4 alpha announced

Wendelin has just announced the new 0.4 alpha release. This release focuses on reducing installation time for Debian 8.1 (64bit) while also fixing a number of performance bugs and providing a fully functional development instance able to run live tests and allowing anyone to develop on top of Wendelin. This post also introduces the Wendelin research project, technical stack and provides a short tutorial on how to get started using Wendelin.

Latest Documents

10-02 2016

Developer Documentation Introduction

Introduction to the ERP5 developer documentation including key indices and learning tracks.
02-02 2016

Institut Mines Telecom Teralab Success Case

IMT runs Slapos to manage a cluster of VMs providing Big Data Analysis to their clients
28-01 2016

Free Software

Nexedi has created and maintains a number of open source software projects ranging from commercial products to app stores, libraries and stand-alone services.
27-01 2016

Trainee Profile Saurabh Bandsod

Trainee profile of Saurabh Bansod telling about his experience at Nexedi