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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

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24-02 2017

Earth Observation AppStore

A presentation of the Big Data AppStore in the context of digital transformation strategy of multinational companies specialising in Earth Observation.
21-02 2017

Mynij IT: Gandi, Online, SlapOS and ERP5, that's all!

A step by step guide that demonstrates how a small company can autonomously run its own IT infrastructure with SlapOS and ERP5 at virtually no cost and with little effort, and implement the latest cloud approach: edge cloud.
09-11 2016

SlapOS is moving to Buildout 2

This blog post provides information on how to upgrade your Webrunner with the upcoming move to Buildout 2 on December 9th. These steps are required to not break your instances.
07-10 2016

Why we are suing Apple for better HTML5 support in iOS?

Nexedi is willing to help improving HTML5 support in the iOS platform. To achieve this we are launching a lawsuit against Apple so that developers of Web browsers with better HTML5 support than Apple's Webkit can publish their applications on Apple Appstore.

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03-02 2017
01-02 2017

Nexedi Job Opportunity - Connected Cars Big Data JavaScript Engineer (Traineeship)

Nexedi is looking for a 4-12 months trainee interested in developing an JavaScript based application utilizing data gathered from a network of connected cars building a data collector and automating processing directly on the client.
01-02 2017

Career Opportunities

Share our passion for open source software? Curious to work on R&D and industrial projects around the world? Then explore our Nexedi career opportunities.
01-02 2017

Nexedi Job Opportunity -Artificial Language Processing Python Engineer (Traineeship)

Nexedi is looking for a trainee to develop an application to allow to quickly and intelligently search through a large codebase hosted on github/gitlab and apply natural language processing models to a programming language.