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11-01 2019

Scipy and scikit-learn compiled to WebAssembly in Pyodide

The Pyodide project aims to compile the CPython interpreter and scientific Python stack to WebAssembly allowing to use Python libraries in the browser. In the past, numpy, pandas and matplotlib have been packaged in Pyodide. In this post we will outline latest developments funded by Nexedi, which include packaging scipy and scikit-learn, improvements in testing workflow and ability to install packages from custom URLs.
11-01 2019

Cython nogil extension on multi core introduction

In this blog post, we show a proof of concept to make multi-core processing possible in CPython. It involves adding a new data type in Cython which is not limited by the CPython GIL and a new coroutine which together make real multi-core possible.
07-11 2018

Open Source / Free Software for Effective Industry 4.0

Programme and Information about the Industry 4.0 Meetup by Nexedi GmbH and Fraunhofer IAO on November 12th, 2018 in Stuttgart with Amarisoft, Linutronix, Olimex and Télécom ParisTech.
05-11 2018

Can Free big data regulate AI and the data economy?

Market does not seem to provide any valid solution to the new issues posed by a data economy which is characterised by a combination of increasing returns and legal blockers to community or ecosystem based competition. As a consequence, the current known optimal organisation to monetise big data and A.I. is the private or state monopoly. We review in this article possible alternatives that could be considered in the future and how to enforce them.

Latest Documents

15-01 2019

Participants Information Page

Speaker and participant information for I4.0 Meetup in Stuttgart
15-01 2019

MicroBJ: in-browser data analytics using Iodide and OfficeJS

Industry 4.0 meetup, 12 November 2018
31-12 2018

Free Software

Nexedi has created, maintains and provides customization services for a full stack of free software solutions.
06-12 2018

SlapOS as an Open Source Network Management System for Converged Edge / SDR networks with LTE and NR support

Presentation of SlapOS Network Management System for LTE/NR at Paris Open Source Summit 2018 on 12/6.
03-12 2018

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