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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

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13-08 2020

Rapid.Space Wins the vRAN Category of Telecom Infra Project’s Program to Accelerate Commercialization of Its Technology

The company garnered attention with its vRAN offerings and unique open-source RRH. Now it’s in the best position to develop these technologies even further.
06-06 2020

No containers and no sudo: Building and deploying ProviewR on SlapOS

ProviewR is a process automation software used in large scale industries. SlapOS is an operation management platform for cloud computing and edge computing. We explain in this article how we adapted ProviewR to build and run on SlapOS.
18-05 2020

Launch of Rapid.Space, the world's first provider of open source cloud and 5G infrastructures

Rapid.Space is a global provider of converged cloud and 5G network infrastructures offering high performance, reversibility, transparency, privacy and sovereignty at a competitive cost.
02-05 2020

Recent trends in process isolation technologies

Efficient process isolation and portability is still an open problem. Technologies such as ZeroVM which provided a brilliant solution are no longer maintained. Alternatives are emerging: V8: Isolates, Firecracker, gVisor, OSv. Which one could make sense in the context of Nexedi stack?

Latest Documents

04-08 2020

"Wendelin" Big Data Libre Announced at MariaDB Community Event

Launch of Wendelin Exanalytics at MariaDB conference, Santa Clara, April 3
28-07 2020

Rapid.Space for Industry 4.0

Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud platform provides all essential services to deploy Industry 4.0 based on open source software, hardware and operation management procedures.
16-07 2020

Nexedi Stack Licensing Options

Description of Nexedi licensing policy and business model based on Free Software licenses and exceptions.
16-07 2020

Nexedi Stack Free Software License

Nexedi Stack is licensed as Free Software. This document provides exact licensing terms.
16-07 2020

Rapid.Space for Developers

Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud platform provides all essential OM features tp launch a SaaS service in less than 3 months.