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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

Latest News

01-04 2016

Wendelin: 0.5 released

Wendelin has just announced the new 0.5 release. This release integrates Jupyter into Wendelin providing a familiar interface when working with data. Work has also been gone into upgrading to Wendelin Core 0.5 as well as simplifying the standalone install process.
16-03 2016

RenderJS: Serverless WebRTC database using Chrome Http WebSocket Server

One of our projects required to come up with a web-based solution that enabled clients to access their local database without proper internet access. The solution we came up with was to use WebRTC brokered over a WebSocket Chrome Extension running on the master node. Using this approach, clients could request WebRTC connections via WebSockets (serverless) and then interact with the database over WebRTC - probably creating the first WebRTC database along the way.
16-03 2016

GKR successfully implements global ERP in 3 months based on HTML5 offline technology

GKR, international group in rubber industry, has implemented in 3 months an exemplary purchase-production-sales data acquisition and management system for 14 subsidiaries in China and south-east Asia, through worldwide deployment of offline HTML5 Application, central ERP5 open source platform and GrandeNet application delivery network.
26-02 2016

GrandeNet - The Internet on Steroids

GrandeNet can be used to optimize connectivity between computers distributed around the world by creating a mesh network which can be even faster them the Internet itself.

Latest Documents

03-05 2016

Free IoT Software for Wind Energy

This presentation introduces a complete use case of Nexedi technologies (SlapOS, Wendelin, re6st) for the implementation of a IoT and Big Data infrastructure in the field of Wind Energy.
02-05 2016

Develop ERP5

Information on how to develop with ERP5
26-04 2016

Nexedi announces "SlapOS Billing": open source billing platform for Cloud Computing

Nexedi, creator of ERP5 open source ERP and inventor of decentralized Cloud Computing, will introduce at Solutions Linux exhibition in Paris "SlapOS Billing", an open source billing platform for Cloud Computing.
25-04 2016

ERP5 Release Information

ERP5 Releases are available as Virtual Machine Image, Appliance and from Git. The Virtual Machine Image and Appliance serve educational purpose and are ideal to quickly try ERP5. The Git Tag points to the source code of ERP5. It is used for installation of development and production systems through the SlapOS decentralized cloud system.
25-04 2016

ERP5 Quality

Section containing Nexedi approach to coding quality and testing as well as pointers to source code repositories.