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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

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25-08 2016

Have AI. Need Data: How Big Data App Stores close the Data Divide between Startups and Industry

A Big Data App Store allows a startup company to run its data analysis and A.I. software against data sets of large corporations with revenues being shared between both. It offers an opportunity for industry and startups to compete with GAFA (Google Apple Facebook Amazon) or BAT (Baidu Alibaba Tencent) by closing the Data Divide resulting from compliance or strategic mismatch and can be implemented in three months by a small team using Wendelin technology.
11-08 2016

Nexedi at Coderbunker Shanghai: Prospering with 100% Free Software

Next week Jean-Paul will present Nexedi and our free software solutions at Coderbunker in Shanghai. The topic of the techtalk will be to introduce the tools used daily by Nexedians and how it is possible to run a succesfull business with free/open-source software.
18-07 2016

Olimex made it: the open source laptop

Olimex presented the first open source laptop in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Nexedi expects to port NayuOS to this new platform as soon as it is released.
17-07 2016

Latest Documents

23-08 2016

SlapOS - Managed Cloud

SlapOS provides cloud hosting, infrastructure and orchestration as a service (hosted & managed cloud or managed cloud) ensuring application resiliency and scalability.
19-08 2016

Careers and Assignments

In this presentation, you will learn the universal work-flow of careers and assignments and their application within ERP5.
18-08 2016

OSOE - ERP 101 Coursera

This presentation will teach you what is an ERP.
10-08 2016

How to get started with Out-of-core NumPy arrays

A minimal tutorial to learn how to use wendelin.core library. It shows how to install wendelin.core and do basic out-of-core operations on ndarrays.
08-08 2016

Local HTML5 App and central ERP5 to manage supply-production-sales data for 14 companies

GKR international group, the leader of China's rubber industry specialising in rubber planting, processing, sales and R&D, has implemented an exemplary purchase-production-sales data acquisition and management system for its 14 subsidiaries throughout Southeast Asia and China in only 3 months. It was accomplished by developing an easy-to-use HTML5 web application integrated to a central ERP5.