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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

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06-08 2018

5G without USA: yes we can!

European technology suppliers combined with Shenzen ecosystem of small and medium businesses can provide everything that is needed to create latest generation 4G and 5G virtual radio access network (VRAN) infrastructure without depending on USA suppliers and at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches of the four dominant telecom infrastructure providers.
18-07 2018

How Nexedi moved to HTTP2 with Caddy

After trying and failing to move to HTTP2 using Apache in 2017, Nexedi has adopted Go language based Caddy server. Initial results of HTTP2 show significant speed improvement and good stability. Next step will be the adoption of QUIC. Migration was smooth and entirely automated thank to a test driver devops approach recently introduced in SlapOS.
15-07 2018

Edge Computing for Industrial Automation and Control

The business of industrial automation and control will move away over time from existing, highly profitable, proprietary product lines towards much more flexible yet less profitable open hardware and Free Software. Future profits will eventually emerge from online services based on industrial big data, personalisation, legal regulation and trade secret powered by increasingly smart sensors and gateways at the edge.
05-07 2018

A multi-core Python HTTP server (much) faster than Go (spoiler: Cython)

A multi-core Python HTTP server that is about 40% to 110% faster than Go can be built by relying on the Cython language and LWAN C library. A proof of concept validates the possibility of high performance system programming in the Cython language.

Latest Documents

11-09 2018

Can ERP5 replace XXX ?

ERP5 and Nexedi stack can now be used for the most demanding enterprise applications while providing more flexibility, better technology and tighter convergence between applications.
10-09 2018

International Medical Innovation

Free Big Data for Free AI
10-09 2018

ERP: Theory, Practice and Configuration

Presentation of the lecture "ERP and Configuration introduction"
09-09 2018

Business Model of a Low Cost Cloud Operator

The business model we describe demonstrates that the cost of most public clouds is 4 to 20 times higher than what it would cost for a company to build their own cloud. Based on this analysis, provides high performance cloud servers at the price mid range public cloud, with servers hosted in data centres comparable to those of Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon.
16-07 2018

ERP5 Implementation in Aerospace Industry: Integrated Order Management Solution for TerraSAR-X Commercial Service Segment

Airbus DS Geo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the TerraSAR-X radar earth observation satellite and uses ERP5 as part of the service segment for the commercial distribution of data from the TerraSAR-X Mission . The initial implementation of the ERP5 for the TerraSAR-X Service Segment was realised by Nexedi and Logica and went into production in 2006, after which Nexedi took sole responsibility for managing the system and its technical evolution.