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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

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02-11 2020

Building a fruit selection machine from scratch

Within the first phase of the project, we built a small production line entirely from open source and open hardware materials in order to have a demonstrator to work on and develop our OSIE components. This blog post explains some of the details.
13-10 2020

Consequences of the CJEU/CNIL decision on HDH

Due to Shrems II ruling by the CJUE, using US or China clouds to process or store personal data of EU residents could be illegal. Practical solution to mitigate legal risks combines local hosting by independent companies and global orchestration without access to data.
13-08 2020

Rapid.Space Wins the vRAN Category of Telecom Infra Project’s Program to Accelerate Commercialization of Its Technology

The company garnered attention with its vRAN offerings and unique open-source RRH. Now it’s in the best position to develop these technologies even further.

Latest Documents

16-11 2020

Hyper Open Cloud 101

Hyper Open Cloud protects your company's digital independence and trade secrets against vendor lock-in of conventional public clouds.
09-11 2020

Simple MEC for Cloud Sovereignty

Fast track towards cloud sovereignty based on Nexedi stack and ecosystem.
05-11 2020

Free Software for Effective Industry 4.0

Introductory presentation of the Stuttgart Meetup on Open Hardware and Free Software for Industry 4.0 held at Fraunhofer IAO
05-11 2020

Rapid.Space: a Global Hyper Open Cloud

Hyper Open Cloud is an alternative to GAFAM and BAT Enterprise clouds that restores sovereignty, fair competition and trust in the context of international trade.