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Publishing Web Content with TioLive

Description of the Web publication features of TioLive
  • Last Update:2009-03-08
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive leverages ERP5 Web to create a public front end on the Web for your company. ERP5 Web can be used to publish Web Pages and Office documents. ERP5 Web also provides the global foundation for e-business applications.

Corporate Web Publication

TioLive Dedicate customers can create their corporate Web site using the TioLive environment. Thanks to TioLive Web Publication Workflow, the publication of web pages and documents stored in the Document Management System can be controlled, reviewed and approved.

Configurable Themes

The TioLive default Web theme provides many configurable options including colors, logos, number of columns, width, etc. Adapting the TioLive Web default theme to your business requirements is a matter of minutes.

Configurable Structure

The structure of TioLive Web sites is completely configurable. Thanks to the use of virtual folder technology (a.k.a. predicates), the same content can be reused and published in multiple locations of the same web site or on different web sites.

Multiple Sites

TioLive Web provides the option to host multiple web sites within the same environment. This feature is very useful for companies wishing to localize their Web Site for each of their office of subsidiaries.

Custom Themes

As an option, it is also possible to extend TioLive Web with new themes. TioLive provides all the documentation to developers for that purpose. TioLive can also provide design, consulting and integration services for the most demanding customers.

Custom Web Applications

TioLive Web is a true Web application development environment. Developers can extend with new application which are tightly integrated with TioLive ERP features. A new application can be developped in a matter of minutes.

Feature overview

  • Publication workflow

  • Virtual folders

  • Virtual hosting of multiple sites

  • Configurable theme

  • Configurable site structure

  • Custom themes

  • Custom web applications