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TioLive Subscription Options

  • Last Update:2009-11-12
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive provides three subscription levels:

Free: is perfect for managing the operations of a small office/home office (SoHo) or for running a small business. It is also an ideal way, for an organization of any size to become familiar with TioLive.

Premium: provides additional services such as mobility and remote backup which are ideal for a small business including Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). It also provides customization options which can be used to adapt the TioLive platform to your requirements.

Dedicate: is for those who prefer dedicated hosting and dedicated services. All customizations are possible under this option allowing TioLive to scale with your organization.

  Free Premium Dedicate
Price (USD) $0 / month $49 / month contact us
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 100 Mo 10 Go Unlimited
Remote Backup   Yes Yes
Mobile Skin   Yes Yes
Mobile Sync     Yes
LDAP Directory     Yes
Dedicated Cloud     Yes
Technical Support Free Free Free
Service Level Agreement Best Effort 8 business hours 4 hours 24/7
Documentation Free Free Free

Backoffice Applications

TioLive Backoffice applications that do not require customization are included in all subscription options. Backoffice applications that require more customization are only available on the Dedicate level.

  Free Premium Dedicate
Accounting Yes Yes Yes
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Yes Yes Yes
Product Data Management (PDM) Yes Yes Yes
Trade Yes Yes Yes
Document Management System(DMS) Yes Yes Yes
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)     Yes
Payroll     Yes
Project     Yes

Communication Applications

All TioLive subscription levels benefit from business email, business chat and business phone. Subscribers to the Dedicate option will be provided, in addition, with a Webmeeting and Webconferencing environment.

  Free Premium Dedicate
Business Email Yes Yes Yes
Business Chat Yes Yes Yes
Business Phone Yes Yes Yes
Web Conferencing     Yes
Web Meeting     Yes

Web Applications

TioLive Web applications require customization and are only available to the Dedicate subscription level.

  Free Premium Dedicate
Web     Yes
e-commerce     Yes

Custom Configuration

TioLive can be customized to your requirements. Basic customization can be performed with the Premium subscription level. The Dedicate subscription level provides full customization.

  Free Premium Dedicate
Knowledge Pad   Yes Yes
Categories   Yes Yes
Access Levels     Yes
Forms     Yes
Widgets     Yes
Web Themes     Yes
Workflows     Yes
Reports     Yes

Phone Rates

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accounts are provided for free to TioLive users. All phone calls between TioLive users and from/to other SIP phones on the Internet are free of charge. Phone calls to landline or mobile phones will be charged.

TioLive users looking for a fixed landline number in their country are encouraged to use the DID WW service.

SIP Account Free
DID Contact DID WW
Intranet Call Free
Internet Call Free
USA (landline) $0.018 / min
Japan (landline) $0.018 / min
Germany (landline) $0.018 / min
United Kingdom (landline) $0.018 / min
France (landline) $0.018 / min
Italy (landline) $0.018 / min
Others download rates


Technical support is included in all TioLive hosting options. TioLive technical support monitors your environment and will fix bugs or faults that might occur. Together with Free User Documentation and Free Developer Documentation, TioLive provides all the information required for a successful implementation.

TioLive also provides enteprise level services of user support and customization at standard hourly rates. Do not hesitate to contact us.

User Support $50 / hour
Customisation $100 / hour