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ERP5 Unit Tests


ERP5 is used for many critical applications. Our customers relies on it to run their every day business, and they can not accept having regularly bugs coming again and again. Every software issue could have important consequences, especially if you think about banking, areospace applications and many others. Therefore Nexedi consider the quality as one of it's top priorities and decided to use automated testing since the early age of ERP5.

Unit / Functional Test

While the code of ERP5 is evolving, more and more unit and functional tests are added. When issues are reported, we write the test and fix the problem. Like this we make sure that the same issue is not going to happens again. Also, when new features are done, tests are added to make sure we will provide well working experience. We have both unit test and functional tests. Unit test are used to test isolated software component, while functional tests are used to verify scenarios more closed to user experience.

Development policy

We tried for years to keep the quantity of failures as low as possible. While the size of ERP5 was growing, it started to be more and more time consuming to track regressions. In particular, it's quite common that a change in some part of the code generate a regression in another place that seems unrelated without detailed analysis. And then it happened that we had several errors, and it was difficult to see new ones. Therefore, after our switch to git, we introduced the rule "contributions must not introduce ANY regression". So we started by fixing test failures, we checked all random issues, and we started to reject any code introducing failures. The idea is simply to check all unit test before contributing changes to the central place. This can easily be done thanks to our Testing Infrastructure. Thanks to this rule, about any revision of ERP5 could be considered as stable. This is really a great success. With a quantity of test growing, we have nearly 0 errors/failures all the time.

Testing Infracture

We are using what we call "ERP5 Test Nodes". It's some processes installed on many different machines thanks to SlapOS cloud tools. We define several list of tests to run, and ERP5 test nodes will look regularly to several git repositories to detect new commit, then they launch software constructions and finally tests are automatically run. Theses days we are using about 60 CPU cores to run tests for our various projects and for different versions.

ERP5 Test Results

You can find below the result of automatic test of ERP5 code. Hopefully you are able to see many test results at 0 errors/failures for several thousands of tests. Since we are humans and not perfect, It might happens that a change introduce a regression. But in this case, you could be sure that we will quickly look and solve it.

1 - 15 of sample of 1000 records
Revision Launch Date Title All Tests Failures Errors Skips Result Status
slapos.cookbook=11567-d4416d1aad312395a5a0748bcff6d29501cf93d7,erp5=50061-2ee779a485215d79b6f346a03edd4a5af8148ef0 2019/04/19 21:22:22.499216 UTC ERP5-MASTER 6001 14 3 202 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11542-45299ea77d82caab8f6836409a576c1b34cb0e57,erp5=50061-2ee779a485215d79b6f346a03edd4a5af8148ef0 2019/04/18 09:17:8.868750 UTC ERP5-MASTER 6001 11 3 202 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11542-45299ea77d82caab8f6836409a576c1b34cb0e57,erp5=50060-387cabc27c94b8f905a84b9bc4aed539ad7bc7c4 2019/04/17 17:32:42.655084 UTC ERP5-MASTER 6001 12 3 202 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11361-1e295ea31ca4515796f73478c2bf2ccb89296593,erp5=50060-387cabc27c94b8f905a84b9bc4aed539ad7bc7c4 2019/04/17 14:26:31.953937 UTC ERP5-MASTER 6001 12 3 202 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11360-946f16f7c1eec78a3d6cf011fc000519198b1c3b,erp5=50051-955094930edf5e137b3a9a23e546aa6e1803254a 2019/04/17 06:32:37.873726 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5998 30 3 202 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11359-51c7a651277285001ca1dcf66f4a147bbd8b35d1,erp5=50051-955094930edf5e137b3a9a23e546aa6e1803254a 2019/04/16 15:00:39.032267 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5998 28 3 202 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11358-2b121fbe1854860e0d0546dae8a445e89986cd09,erp5=50049-87492a24849b7f1a493041a2cf1dad4d40643445 2019/04/16 06:44:32.670307 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5708 22 2 196 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11357-a19435942de19e3a693a2739e782da1e84c3a0d2,erp5=50049-87492a24849b7f1a493041a2cf1dad4d40643445 2019/04/15 15:10:13.838844 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5996 13 1 200 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11357-a19435942de19e3a693a2739e782da1e84c3a0d2,erp5=50047-9859a6ea2ca76f0f7606d4d2cc3207e65659bdf7 2019/04/15 06:38:15.605508 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5996 31 1 200 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11356-4eee4c81ac91449b1b26f13da25bb541b33eda21,erp5=50047-9859a6ea2ca76f0f7606d4d2cc3207e65659bdf7 2019/04/12 21:19:58.426618 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5996 28 1 200 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11356-4eee4c81ac91449b1b26f13da25bb541b33eda21,erp5=50046-9baa0c14ff7ce269f978b6183776bbc446d502f5 2019/04/12 13:26:36.512502 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5996 13 1 200 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11353-c44c7bdf6b9bd03ea0d4c166ea5ff5643883758f,erp5=50044-d2dd961f7630aacf6162d8bbe0492c31bf9779dc 2019/04/12 05:20:54.125475 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5995 13 1 200 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11345-ffb1fada43457c1369633abc1cb584b5ad147859,erp5=50044-d2dd961f7630aacf6162d8bbe0492c31bf9779dc 2019/04/11 17:16:2.519094 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5995 13 2 200 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11341-258d1e609c92e469a98ce351affc7b4af8438a39,erp5=50044-d2dd961f7630aacf6162d8bbe0492c31bf9779dc 2019/04/11 04:21:51.731147 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5995 27 2 200 FAIL Completed
slapos.cookbook=11340-544521b17ef850bfc174e5c304e07b5a3569f1f2,erp5=50044-d2dd961f7630aacf6162d8bbe0492c31bf9779dc 2019/04/10 19:20:28.847223 UTC ERP5-MASTER 5995 12 1 200 FAIL Completed