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ERP5 Success Cases

ERP5 has been used for many mission critical projects in different business fields. Each story describes the business needs which have been solved using ERP5, the challenges being met and how Nexedi solved. Each story also described the lesson being learn. Below you can find links to some of the success cases them.


Coramy, a European leader of apparel industry and first user of ERP5, was awarded best ERP implementation project in the special edition of Décision Informatique on June, 21st, 2004. A panel of 40 corporate managers, researchers and journalists voted this award. They recognize the excellence of ERP5 implementation as Open Source / Libre Software in a highly mission critical manufacturing environment. ERP5 is an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution published under Open Source / Libre Licenses. ERP5 main features include customer relation management (CRM), production management (MRP), supply chain management (SCM), product design management (PDM), accounting, human resources and e-commerce. More can be found here.

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Zaweeがパリに構える2つの路面店とオンラインショップ(にERP5を導入しました。ERP5 Trade、ERP5 PDM、ERP5 POSにより、Zaweeは衣服、カバン、アクセサリー類の全てのサイズ・カラーの在庫を完全に管理できます。EPR5 eCommerceにより、Zaweeはオンライン販売・オフライン販売で同じ商品カタログを使用できます。ERP5によるソーシャルネットワークの統合は、Zaweeがfacebookにいいねをした顧客に対してクーポンとして使えるロイヤルティ・ポイントを与え、顧客の購買意欲を促進させることを可能にします。

WINDELIN - Predictive Maintenance and Optimisation of Wind Turbines using an open-source Big Data Machine Learning Cloud

WINDELIN is a R & D project developed under Eureka programme using machine learning and big data technologies for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance inside wind turbines.





SlapOS powers "TeraLab", Institut Mines Télécom's Big Data Platform

Within three months, Institut Mines Télécom and Nexedi automated through SlapOS the provisioning and operation of clusters of virtual machines that power Terelab Big Data platform. This project demonstrate how SlapOS hyperconvergent operating system can be used to power a corporate Big Data platform with strict security requirements, under strict time and budget constraints.

Single integrated front and back office solution to power an eBusiness

Sanef Tolling has chosen ERP5 to power its eBusiness related to management of Electronic Toll Collection for British citizens driving on French motorways. The Sanef Tolling website and the related eBusiness was able to be launched within one month from the beginning of the project because both the Frontoffice and Backoffice had been fully integrated thanks to ERP5.

ERP5 Implementation in Aerospace Industry: Integrated Order Management Solution for TerraSAR-X Commercial Service Segment

Airbus DS Geo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the TerraSAR-X radar earth observation satellite and uses ERP5 as part of the service segment for the commercial distribution of data from the TerraSAR-X Mission . The initial implementation of the ERP5 for the TerraSAR-X Service Segment was realised by Nexedi and Logica and went into production in 2006, after which Nexedi took sole responsibility for managing the system and its technical evolution.

Running a Massive Open Online Course with ERP5 for 1500 students for Technische Universität Dresden and Supinfo

Technische Universität Dresden and Supinfo have chosen ERP5 to power the world-wide first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) teaching Enterprise Resource Planning and the first MOOC which uses machine-learning-based mass individual assessment. ERP5 was used to implement a course management and correction system which allows online assessment and semi-automatic correction of praxis projects. The system allowed to teach and asses 1500 students distributed over 18 countries by a team of 28 tutors with differing experience levels working from nine different sites.

Cloud-based financial management and consolidated OLAP reporting for an international NGO

Aide et Action International is a non-governmental organisation focused on achieving access to quality education for all. Based in Genève (Switzerland), the organisation has more than 1000 employees and leads 120 projects all over the world. To improve the quality and transparency of the financial information and to increase the productivity of its financial teams, Aide et Action has deployed a cloud-based ERP5 configuration that covers general and analytical accounting as well as budget management for 30 distinct entities located in 22 countries.

Flexible Configurable Workflows and Advanced Security for Core Business Processes of a Central Bank

A Central Bank runs its 64 regulatory workflows with ERP5: currency issuing, monetary circulation and banking transactions. Extensive scalability testing and rule based security management were key technical factors of success. Document orientation of the implementation process helper reducing project management bandwidth and budget. Use of Open Source from system to application through database enabled reactive support of a mission critical application.

MMC Rus Success Case

MMC Rus runs ERP5 to manage their internal contract and organisation approving procedures information system.