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How To Set up and use ERP5 DMS

showing how to install the template for storing, categorizing and searching documents.
  • Last Update:2016-02-11
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

ERP5 DMS comes in a business template erp5_dms. It is a very useful system for storing, versioning, categorising and searching documents. It is mostly meant for storing Office-types documents - is capable of converting MSOffice docs into ODF, pdf, html and other formats.

Table of Contents

Regular Expressions

To be functional, it requires the following things:

Regular expressions are set in preferences, and are used to find document references in text and to parse file names - e.g. if you name your files like:


where "ABCD" is a document reference, or identifier (3-6 uppercase letters), "en" is a two chars language code and "003" is a three digits version code, then you should set your filename parsing regular expression to:


and reference lookup regular expression to


OOOD Server

You have to launch oood (available in Nexedi rpm repository and in svn - see HowToUseOood), and give its coordinates (IP and port number) in preferences.

Contribution tool

It's located in site root as portal_contributions (Contribution Tool) and installed upon site creation.

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