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How To Use ERP5 Ingestion System

How To showing how to use portal_contributions to import data into ERP5.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

ERP5 Ingestion System is responsible for contributing various content into portal, using special tool - portal_contributions. Content types which might be contributed are:

  • images
  • files
  • documents
  • PDF documents
  • and more...

Table of Contents


Install erp5_ingestion and erp5_dms Business Templates, with their dependencies.


Choosing Mapping between File type and Portal Type

Navigate to portal_contribution_registry of your site. Every portal_type might be configured to be mapped using various conditions.

Example: treat TIFFs as Images.

  • navigate to portal_contribution_registry/image_extension
  • update Property file_extension with tiff and tif


Navigate to portal_contributions. Choose Contribute content from object's action, and (at least) browse for file.

Thanks to mapping between file extension and portal type, contributed contet will be placed in proper modules - documents and files (like PDF files, Spreadsheets, Texts) in Documents module, and Images in Images module.

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