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How To Prepare Spreadsheet For Importing Accounts

How To showing how to prepare consistent spreadsheets for importing accounts into ERP5 accounting.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

Preparing a good spreadsheet for import is an important step to succeed with import.

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We recommend you to take a look at how to create an accounting account before you start with the preparation of the spreadsheet of your accounting accounts.

For the system to do automatically the mapping, and import correctly all information you have written in the spreadsheet, you must name the column as described below (use the "ERP5 Terms").

Accounting account

Common Terms ERP5 Terms Authorised values
Account Name title free text
Reference reference free text
Normal Credit Balance credit_account blank or '1'
GAP gap_list GAP Id's - See Correspondences
Account Type account_type account_type categories id's - See Correspondences
Financial Section financial_section financial_section categories id's - See Correspondences
Mirror Account destination_title_list Account name
Description description free text

You can use ERP5 minimum accounting account import spreadsheet as a model to build your own spreadsheet.

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