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How To Prepare Spreadsheet Import

How To showing the steps to prepare a good spreadsheet for importing data into ERP5.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

How to showing things to keep in mind when importing data via spreadsheet into ERP5.


Preparing a good spreadsheet for import is an important step to succeed with import.

We recommend you to take a look at how are the records in each module before starting with Import.

For the system to do automatically the mapping, the name of the column must be the same that the input field names that are used by Tiolive.

You can find here a correspondence between the principals glossary terms and input field names. If you want to import others informations that are not listed bellow, we strongly recommend you to ask for a Certified Consultant to help you.

Importing Persons

Common Terms Tiolive Terms
First Name first_name
Last Name last_name
Organisation career_subordination_title
Email email_text
Telephone telephone_text
Mobile Telephone mobile_telephone_telephone_number
FAX fax_text
Street Address address_street_address
Postal Code address_zip_code
City address_city
Description description
Birthday birthday
Birthplace birthplace_address_text
Birth Name birth_name
Middle Name middle_name
Prefix prefix
Suffix suffix
Title title
Social Security Identification Number social_code
Collective Agreement career_collective_agreement_title
Salary Coefficient career_salary_coefficient
Number of Children child_count
Number of Partners partner_count

Importing Organisations

Common Terms Tiolive Terms
Usual Name title
Corporate Name corporate_name
Email email_text
Telephone telephone_text
FAX fax_text
Street Address address_street_address
Postal Code address_zip_code
City address_city
Description description
Registered Capital social_capital
Creation Date start_date
Corporate Registration Code corporate_registration_code
Geographic Incorporation Code geographic_incorporate_code
VAT Code vat_code
EAN 13 Code ean13_code
Activity Code activity_code
Social Security Identification Number social_code

Importing Accounting Accounts

Common Terms Tiolive Terms Authorised values
Account Name title free text
Reference reference free text
Normal Credit Balance credit_account blank or '1'
GAP gap_list See Correspondences*
Account Type account_type See Correspondences*
Financial Section financial_section See Correspondences*
Mirror Account destination_title_list Account name
Description description free text

*The fields must be written according to the Id column in order to be imported automatically.

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