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FAQ How can I sell ERP5 to a customer?

outlines how to get familiar with and distribute ERP5.
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How can I sell ERP5 to a Customer?

Note: Because of the general complexity of Nexedi services regarding ERP5 implementations do NOT include joint development between integrators, partners, consultants and Nexedi. This guarantees responsiblity for a project rests only in one hand and prevents conflicts from communication and related issues which often cause ERP implementations to fail.

Open Source ERP

ERP5 is free software and open source. The source code can be found on Gitlab, the the developer introduction and the ERP5 Developer Documentation has all the information on how to get started with ERP5.

Nature of ERP5

Compared to other ERP systems, ERP5 is a generic, highly customizable system. The core ERP5 can be extended with business templates, which provide additional features. Those are then customized to fit the specific client requirements. This means with ERP5 you will not have a ready-to-use ERP system. ERP5 is more like a box of generic components from which you can build the system your customer needs.

Learning and Customizing ERP5

Learning how to develop ERP5 takes time. You need to work with it for up to two years to be able to really do all the things. To master the whole open source stack including SlapOS (deployment), Wendelin (BigData), re6st (Network Optimization) will need even more time but will enable you to deliver industry-grade, scalable and secure ERP systems.

To get a feel for and evaulate how ERP5 works from a user perspective including installation of an instance on a virtual machine, please check out the OSOE Online course (soon on Coursera) on how to get started with ERP5.

Selling ERP5

Nexedi, the creator and developer of ERP5 does not enter into any joint development projects and also does not work with system integrators. This means if you want to use ERP5 you can learn and become an ERP5 developer yourself (we provide support billed/hour) or you can request Nexedi, the creator and maintainer of ERP5, to develop a system based on clients requirements. For this you will receive a consulting commission. For details, please get in touch with Nexedi directly.