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ERP5 Developer Tutorials

This section contains tutorials helping you to get started on becoming an ERP5 developer. For information on how to get a working ERP5 instance locally or as virtual machine please also refer to other documentation relating to getting started.

Developer Tutorials

  • Basic Python - A tutorial on Python basics, teaching syntax, data types, classes, methods, functional programming and iterators.
  • Creating A Forum Module - Tutorial teaching to develop ERP5 by setting up a new instance and creating a forum application.
  • Zope Page Templates - Tutorial giving a short overview of designing page templates in Zope and use of the metal: syntax.
  • jQuery Mobile - This document provides a learning track for experienced developers.
  • OfficeJS ERP5 App Tutorial - In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an offline-first, mobile-friendly OfficeJS web app from scratch based on ERP5, RenderJS and jIO.