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ERP5 Products

ERP5 Products are core components of ERP5. They provide generic features such as activities, catalogs, common data structures and implementation of the Unified Business Model (UBM). You can find all products on the Gitlab repository.

Product Overview

  • CMFActivity -  Introduction on object distribution to spread processes over multiple nodes and benefit from elastic scalability.
  • CMFCategory -  Primer on categorizing objects and introduction of API to update, get and display categories.
  • ZSQLCatalog -  Implementation of embedded catalog for retrieval of objects stored in Zope (ZEO/NEO) database.
  • ERP5Type -  Overview of low level classes and tools used by many other ERP5 products.
  • ERP5Form -  Introduction to functionalities added on Forumulator. Used to create user interfaces.
  • ERP5Catalog -  Customized ZSQLCatalog for ERP5 adding security and automatic categories querying.
  • ERP5 -  Main ERP5 product defining most APIs and logic along the Unified Business Model.
  • ERP5OOo -  Introduction to OpenOffice conversion server storing documents in ERP5 and converting into different formats.
  • HBTreeFolder2 -  Introduction to highly scalable folder architecture supporting millions of documents.
  • ERP5Security -  Introduction to security in ERP5 allowing to define policies for every module and document.