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Community Contributions Guidelines

list of ideas for community contributions
  • Last Update:2016-04-08
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

A list of ideas for community contributions.

Table of Contents

How to Submit a Patch for ERP5 Product

Make a patch with Subversion

  • if you change many files in the same products, make a patch for the product. Example:
   svn up ERP5
   svn diff  ERP5 >> MyPatchToERP5Product.patch
  • if you change only one file, make a patch for the file. Example:
   cd ERP5
   svn up
   svn diff >> MyPatchToERP5Site.patch

Submiting the Patch file

  • Describe your patch and your intention to make these changes.
  • Send by mail this description and attach the patch (Do not paste the text at email body) to

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