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info on when to use a category or entity in accounting source_section
  • Last Update:2016-04-08
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Should we use a category or an entity (organisation, person) as source_section in accounting

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Should we use a category or an entity for warehouse management

ERP5 design background:

  • We should be allowed to use a category or an entity as a node anywhere

Advantage in using a category:

  • No need to duplicate category tree in modules (consider for example 5000 warehouse categories)
  • One entity can represent multiple categories
  • If one entity becomes the subsidiary of another company, we can keep previous accounting on previous section yet keep all sales on the same company (decision).

Advantage in using an entity:

  • More documentary information
  • It is possible to change configuration (ie. categories) from day to morning without breaking existing documents


Put your comments here.

Maybe some parameters of entities (ex. group) need historisation in indexing while others (ex. site) do not need that much. If historisation is needed for parameters, then this should be supported by accessors. Ex. self.getGroup(at_date = '2001/01/01')

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