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ERP5 eCommerce provides eCommerce solution which can be integrated with Customer Relation Management (CRM), inventory management, content management, purchase, logistic, accounting and social networks.

eBusiness Convergence

Until recently, many business applications were needed in order setup an eCommerce company: eCommerce software, content management, CRM, inventory management, accounting, etc. The number of sofware that are now required has decreased since 2010 with the introduction of eCommerce extensions for content management software and with the implementation of integrated cloud based solutions.

ERP5 eCommmerce brings business application one step further by providing in a single, consistent, open source, cloud based application everything that an eCommerce company needs: shopping cart, product catalog, recurring services, web content management, CRM, ERP, POS, accounting, integration with payment systems and integration with social networks.


ERP5 eCommerce provides the following features integrated in a single Web based application:

  • Product Catalog can be categorized according to multiple dimensions, options and variations.
  • High Performance Shopping Cart relies on distributed RAM based technology and handles more than 100 "Add to Cart" requests per second per CPU core.
  • Recurring payments for service industries are natively supported in relation with contract approval workflow.
  • Rule based pricing supports per region, per time range, per product family, per brand, per color, etc. discounts or special pricing.
  • Multisite inventory management generates per product item barcode that facilitates tracking and inventory optimization between multiple warehouse and multiple shops. 
  • Integrated POS unifies eCommerce and traditional commerce with the same application.
  • mCommmerce application is compatible with iOS, Android, Tizen and Windows phones.
  • Loyalty management automatically generates discounts for frequent customers.
  • Social network integration provides simplified authentication, direct notification and content optimization.
  • Multilingual support simplifies translation of product title, description and variations.
  • Multicurrency support provides a simple way to sell the same product at different price and currency in different regions.
  • Multiskin content management system can reuse the same product database and sell it through different web sites with different layout and product selection.
  • Shop delivery option provides as an option the delivery of products at existing shop.
  • People and Organizations are managed through a single database which unifies clients, suppliers, leads, prospects, media, etc. while keeping their relations and their career history.
  • Events keep track of emails, phone calls, faxes, visits, notes, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Tickets can be used to track sales opportunities, support requests, marketing campaigns.
  • Documents such as sales offers, specifications, corporate rules, invoices, contracts, tenders, etc. are stored in a central repository, which supports major Office formats (ex. DOC, ODT, XLS, ODS, PDF, etc.), provides full text searchability and guarantees the traceability of business decisions in relation to sales, support, procurement, etc.
  • Workflows: all business processes and security policies are implemented through ERP5 extensible and configurable workflows.
  • Worklists keep track of work progress in a team.
  • Rule Based Security can be configured to make sure that only certain people can access certain information, based on business rules which may be specific to each company.
  • Categories provide direct access to selected records: by region, activity, product interest, market segment, etc.
  • Standard Reports provide an online overview of a sales activity or can be exported as spreadhsheets.
  • Configurable Reports can extend the default set of standard reports to meet specific requirements. 

Payment systems

ERP5 eCommerce supports the following payment systems:

  • Payzen for cost effective payment of VISA, Mastercard, JCB and Paypal
  • Paypal for quick setup
  • Slimpay for SEPA payments

Other payment systems can be added upon request.

Social networks

ERP5 eCommerce supports the following social networks:

  • Facebook for authentication and loyalty management
  • Google+ for authentication
  • Persona for authentication

Other social networks can be added upon request.

Successfully Deployed

ERP5 eCommerce has been deployed successfully by organizations in the following business fields:

  • Apparel
  • Cloud Computing
  • Public Transportation


See following How-To in order to understand how to install an ERP5 application.