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Deploying a private 5G network with edge PaaS in 5 minutes

The blog presents the workshop we did for the DataCenter-Cloud event in which we deployed a private 5G network with edge computing in 5 minutes thanks to Amarisoft vRAN and our fully open cloud software (IaaS, PaaS).
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ORS Workshop at Cloud Data Center

During June 29th and 30th the Cloud – Datacenter + Infra Symposium at Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles hosted 46 speakers and 200 brands on topics such as Cloud, Infrastructures, Cybersecurity, Open-Source and IoT. We presented a workshop there where we showcased how to deploy a private 5G network with edge computing in 5 minutes. For this we used our Open Radio Station (ORS) acting as gNodeB, EPC and server which we connected to a Oneplus 8T smartphone. We then modified the 5G parameters of the ORS in real time with our cloud interface (, deployed a cloud IDE (Theia) on the ORS, and showed we could both access the IDE from anywhere on the Internet and from the UE while the ORS was disconnected from the Internet. Here you can find our slides.

Open Radio Station

The Open Radio Station is all-in-one plug-and-play 4G/5G base station combining a RRU, BBU, core network and edge computing sold by Rapid.Space on You can find more information on our leaflet.

Private 5G Network

We brought one of our standard ORS configured for N78 (3700MHz) 40MHz Bandwidth MIMO 2x2 and a OnePlus 8T Smartphone configured with our test SIM card to the workshop. We plugged the ORS to a power outlet and to public network, and a couple minutes later the Oneplus 8T connected to the ORS through 5G. We then did a speedtest and browsed the internet with the oneplus to prove the connection.

Control through

We then logged in to and changed the bandwidth from 40 to 20, and did a speedtest to show the speed was divided by two.

Deploying edge computing on the ORS


Theia is an open-source cloud IDE which is available to deploy on any of our servers on the Rapid.Space panel. We showed how to supply and request a Theia service on the ORS using the To avoid the waiting time we used the Theia we had already deployed on the ORS beforehand.

IPv6 network

All our ORS have a public IPv6 which they acquire with Re6st through standard IPv4 public internet (without needing any public IP). The ORS also supplies public IPv6 ranges to the UE connected it to it. This allows services hosted on the ORS or on a UE to be accessible anywhere in the world. All devices on the private 5G network can locally communicate with their IPv6, without needing an internet connection.

For the demonstration, we connected to the Theia hosted on the ORS with our laptop through public internet, and then we connected to it using the smartphone. We then unplugged the ethernet internet access of the ORS and showed we could still continue using Theia on the smartphone.

Here is a diagram showing an example of a private 5G network with one ORS with a Theia, two UE and an example IPv6 Network 2000::/16

Here are screenshots of the Theia IDE on the laptop's browser and on the smartphone's browser