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Install and Use Mynij for search

Instructions on installing and using Mynij Search Engine

Shop Floor demo

How To Request an ERP5 Instance on a SlapOS Webrunner

Instructions on installing an ERP5 instance via SlapOS webrunner for learning or working with ERP5.

Rapidspace 运营者常见问题

Rapid Space 平台运营者常见问题解答。

Rapidspace 咨询常见问题

Rapid.Space 为想要咨询的人士提供的常见问题解答。

Rapidspace 提供者常见问题

Rapid.Space 为硬件提供方提供的常见问题解答。

Rapidspace 用户常见问题

Rapid Space 服务用户常见问题列表

How To Build Pyodide - Add new Service in SlapOS

Adding a new Service in SlapOS

How To Build Pyodide - Set Up sudo on Debian 9

Add root privileges to current user, instead of installing everything as root, with root-only permissions.

How To Build Pyodide - Contents of /etc/ssh folder

/etc/ssh folder should have the following contents in order to allow for another computer to ssh into the computer

How To Build Pyodide -How to SSH into KVM

Using example username, hostname and port, ssh into KVM set up through SlapOS

How To Build Pyodide - KVM Debian 9 Desktop Screen

Initial Screen seen on KVM after installing debian 9.

How To Build Pyodide - PWD Command

Path to Current Working Directory in KVM

How To Build Pyodide - Connection Parameters in SlapOS

Connection Parameters to VM in SlapOS

How To Build Pyodide - Parameters for VM

Set Initial Parameters for KVM in SlapOS

Wendelin Embulk Weather Aquisition Module Screenshot

Wendelin Embulk Weather Operation Module Screenshot

Wendelin Embulk Weather Supply Line 2 Screenshot

Wendelin Embulk Weather Write Script Screenshot

Wendelin Embulk Weather Ingestion Policy Screenshot