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Internship Offer : Community Manager Assistant

This blog post is an offer to recruit a community Manager assistant
  • Last Update:2010-04-22
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive is looking for an Intern Community Manager Assistant.

The community manager assistant will be in charge of disseminating TioLive brand and manage the community of members on  TioLive platform.

The profile we are looking for must :

  • speak English fluently,
  • have great creativity,
  • a strong knowledge in the field of online communication  (Web 2.0) 
  • and a passion for the Open Source.

He will manage the community using or registering to the platform TioLive and enlarge the learning material available for the users. He will assist people who are responsible for part of the online communication. Finally, he will be in charge of keeping up to date and to promote various websites used by Nexedi.

We are seeking a student who knows how to use Open Office, who has some knowledge about the world of the Open Source and who is aware of technology (SaaS, Cloud Computing, etc.). The working language is English.

  • The student must be in Graduate school, Engineering School or Business Schools.
  • The course is located in Marcq Baroeul.
  • The salary is determined by French and the duration is 3 months at least.
  • A training agreement with the school or university is required.

Interested students can send their application to the following address: elodie (at) tiolive (dot) com


Note: All applications will be treated in the utmost secrecy. No information will be disclosed to third parties.