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Open source is now officially considered as reliable

This blog post is to tell about open-source trends
  • Last Update:2010-07-02
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A few years ago, a lot of people would not have bet on the destiny of open-source. But according to the present trend, everyone has finally to acknowledge that open-source is really a sustainable trend.

Let's study some figures- We can prove the success of Open Source with these figures: in 2009, 1/3 of Netbooks were sold with Linux inside, Android has reached 27% of the American Mobile Phone Market, and Symbian is falling into open-source... Only a few people would have predicted that this would occur. Then, if we look at the professional marketplace, open-source products have got a success too. For example, MySQL is the most used database.

Some contrasts between America and Europe- We can notice different adoption rates between regions. Indeed, it seems that the US and Canada are kind of reluctant to adopt open-source solutions whereas within Europe, in Germany and France above all, businesses would be more willing to adopt it. However, the administrations are willing to turn to open-source in order to reduce costs- even President Obama has involved in let Open Source technologies in his Federal Government.

Nexedi predicted this trend almost 10 years ago, believing in the open-source values and working to develop them. That's how it gave birth to the open-source project ERP5 and a few years later to TioLive platform.