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How to become closer to your clients in 4 lessons with TioLive CRM

This blog post is to explain how the CRM works and how it can help a business
  • Last Update:2010-10-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Using TioLive CRM is obviously the best way to get closer to your clients, to know better their needs or simply, to increase your turn-over.


TioLive CRM software is first a database that contains all the vital information about prospects and customers to contact -but not only. It is also an amazing tool to get in touch with clients and to track accurately each step of the relationship with them.

TioLive CRM enables you to:

  • have an integral and a consistent vision of Client: in TioLive CRM, the client is a person to whom you can link each incoming/outgoing events, sales, opportunities, or any other action. Any people company -from Marketing or Sales for examples- can check out these informations to help them know better each Client.
  • pilot your sales: successfully pursue more clients in a shorter amount of time thanks to automation.
  • launch marketing operations: from market surveys to the PR and marketing campaigns for a new product, you can identify and target specific people. With TioLive CRM, you set up multichannel campaigns.
  • answer better to Customer Support: you increase the satisfaction of your clients, answering faster, using business templates, etc.

One of the best proof of TioLive CRM reliability was its successful implementation at Bet'Eire Flow, a SANEF group's subsidiary.

Using the CRM clearly a more client-centric way of doing business -and this is precisely what Clients are expecting. And if you don't do so, just remember that your competitors will.