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6 Reasons to use a Document Management System

This blog post is to tell about the advantages of using a DMS
  • Last Update:2010-07-23
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The Documentation Management Systems (DMS) can be considered as an important advantage for companies which have adopted one. However, the share of companies having already made this choice is quite low -especially among SOHOs.

To visualize better the various benefits that can be bring by a DMS, we have decided to list them. It does not claim to be exhaustive, but this list allows to achieve the full value of a DMS. So, with the document management system:

  • The time you take to find a document is reduced: Instead of looking for some document in several offices and several cupboards, the DMS search engine  finds almost instantly the document.
  • The time you take to classify documents is considerably lowered: You just have to give it a proper name and to classify it in the file it will report.
  • You can save physical space in your offices: This benefit is linked to the fact that the documents are scanned.
  • A better organization is established: Through a better storage and the possibility to easily access to the documents, the work is more organised.
  • You can better track documents: The complete loss of some data is much more unlikely (however, do not forget to make regular backups).
  • You give better visibility to your documents: the DMS becomes like a library where each document is visible, systematically in the right place. In addition, several employees can instantly look at the same document.

Even if the ROI is difficult to calculate precisely because it touches the intangible, all these small savings can greatly improve the global productivity.

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