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5,000 visitors on TioLive Website in January!

This blog post is to announce
  • Last Update:2010-02-03
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

The number of visitors on TioLive Website keeps on increasing every month. It reached the record of 5,000 visitors last month.

TioLive seduces more and more entrepreneurs, companies, students and bloggers. Some use the ERP/CRM applications to run their company, others employ TioLive as a tool to help them at the university for business or accounting classes, while some people just want to discover what is TioLive platform and its various functionalities.

Whatever is your goal, you are more and more people to come on TioLive website and to register to the application. Each month, the number of subscribers and of visitors of TioLive website increase. In January, we had up to 5,000 visits on our website, which is a record for now.

Thank you to all our visitors ! May TioLive be very useful for you and may it meets your needs.