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IFF and Nexedi bootstraps the Cloudooo Network, a free cloud of universal office document conversion servers

Press release to announce that Nexedi Brasil announces ERP5 Data, an open source ERP solution to sell Governement Data and publish Open Data
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 Press Release

Cloudooo Network has been released during CONSEGI 2011 in Brasilia. Cloudooo was successfully implemented at Instituto Federal Fluminense in Brazil on a SlapOS distributed Cloud to provide productivity application to students and researchers. Cloudooo Network creates a Free Cloud Providers for Cloudooo SaaS.

Campos (Brazil), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan), Dresden (Germany). April 12th 2011. The Instituto Federal Fluminense and Nexedi developed in cooperation with ERP5 BR open source community and Free Cloud Alliance, an universal conversion server which also enables everyone to share documents safely and without any complex steps such as password or authentication. Cloudooo provides conversion for PDF, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office and more than 200 formats. Cloudooo front end is implemented using ERP5 and an innovative model. Cloudooo was implemented over SlapOS, an open source distributed Cloud Computing system which is also implemented at IFF

Cloudooo is an example of Cloud services which respects the "TIO Libre" principle. In most Cloud environments, users have no access to their data, to the system logs or to the source code. They are thus forced to trust suppliers and have sometimes no freedom to change supplier without losing their data. With cloudooo, the source code is open source. The Cloudooo service respects the TIO Libre principles of Cloud Freedom: data freedom, software freedom and competition freedom. Everyone is thus allowed to implement services like Cloudooo on their infrastructure. IFF for example implemented its own Cloudooo server and provided access to all Instituto Federal in Brazil.

Jean-Paul Smets, President of the Free Cloud Alliance, comments “Cloud Freedom is the basis of Cloudooo Network. We bring Freedom to the Cloud, where anyone can become a cloudooo provider and everyone is free to choose the providers that they trust more. Cloudooo is the proof that Cloud with true Freedom is possible.

Professor Rogério Atem de Carvalho, from IFF, comments “Cloudooo was deployed at IFF on standard GNU/Linux PCs thanks to SlapOS, the Open Source Distributed Cloud Operating system. No investment on new server infrastructure was thus required. This saved costs to the Institute without having to abandon their Freedom or Privacy. Now with Cloudooo Network, we became also providers  and another Brazilian government organisation can use as a place to share documents without loose the privacy”.

Rafael Monnerat, CEO of Nexedi Br and responsable for the collaboration between Nexedi and IFF, concludes "The Cloudooo Network, allow us to create a open community of providers. In our roadmap, we plan to introduce support for video, audio and image, and permit conversion and visualization of the data in multiple formats, specially to Open Standards. Those new features are already under development by IFF in collaboration to Nexedi, and we are interested to have more Cloudooo providers and collaborators."

The Free Cloud Alliance host the list of Cloudooo Network Providers at

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Rafael Monnerat:
CEO of Nexedi BR
Email address: rafael (at) nexedi (dot) com
Phone: +55 22 811 23 285

Jean-Paul Smets:
Pdt of Free Cloud Alliance
Email address: jp (at) nexedi (dot) com
Phone +33 6 29 02 44 25

About Free Cloud Alliance

The Free Cloud Alliance (FCA) is the first Open Source Cloud Computing Stack which covers both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) with a consistent set of technologies targetted at high performance and mission critical applications.

About Nexedi

Nexedi is the leader of the ERP5 Open Source ERP project and a provider of Open Source solutions fo mission critical applications. With offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, Nexedi can provide 24/7 services to the most demanding customers in the field of aerospace, banking, government and transport. With more than 100 modules, 4 IEEE research papers and 10,000 clients, ERP5 is the most advanced Open Source ERP on the market. Nexedi is member of System@tic innovation cluster, FFII, Free Cloud Alliance, OW2 Consortium and AFUL.

About IFF

The Instituto Federal Fluminense (IFF) is a Brazilian public education and research institution with more than 100 years of existence, part of a network of institutes comprised of 500 campuses distributed in the whole country. IFF headquarters is located in Campos dos Goytacazes/RJ.  The Information System Research Group (a.k.a NSI) was created in 2002 by Professor Rogério Atem and ever since it works in Research and Development in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Content Management Systems (CMS) and Decision Support Systems.


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