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  • Last Update:2008-04-02
  • Version:0.3
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ERP5 Enterprise

A full featured high end open source ERP designed for better business processes, collaboration and leaner management.

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ERP5 Express

Ready-to-drive ERP/CRM in less than 5minutes

ERP5 Accounting provides modern multidimensional accounting which meets IFRS and complex analytical budgeting requirements.
Customer Relation
ERP5 CRM provides sales automation and issue management.
Production Management
ERP5 MRP provides supply chain and production management.
ERP5 Banking
ERP5 Banking meets the tough security and scalability requirements of the banking industry in the area of cash management, position management and money transfer.
ERP5 Government
ERP5 eGov provides a wide range of solutions for e-governement in the area of accounting, task management and business process management.
ERP5 Health
ERP5 Health is the ERP5 solution to manage hospital and patient records.