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  • Last Update:2020-06-08
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Smart Assistant is a simple ERP5 web application that helps you to manage basic task by uploading photo, audio record, notes or any document directly from your phone, tablet, or computer to ERP5 where they can be proceeded from dedicated modules. Smart Assistance is pure renderJS web application.

You can try Smart Assistant directly from and selecting Smart Assistant. You can add it to your home screen and use at as a native application.


  • Simple to use
  • Upload from phone and manage form ERP5
  • Works offline
  • Automatic update

Why use Smart Assistant ?

Since Smart Assistant is an ERP5 application, it is very easy to install it to an existing ERP5 instance. Smart Assistant was made to be easy to use, from the user who upload the documents to the one who proceed them. Smart Assistant can be extended to automate document proceeding and increase your ERP5 productivity.

Getting Started

Source Code

Smart Assistant is an ERP5 component and can be found on ERP5 git repository:


An ERP5 instance, that can be installed by any one or purchase from

Installing Smart Assistant

As said earlier, Smart Assistant is an ERP5 comment, so it can be installed as any other ERP5 component: [Link to erp5 doc]