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Re6st HowTo Install Re6st on a Chromebook

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  • Last Update:2019-05-13
  • Version:001
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How to install re6st on a chromebook ?

This how to will show you how to install Re6st on a chromebook. Re6st will add IPv6 so it does not depend on the environment for IPv6 support.

Access Chromebook in Developer Mode

Check how to switch to developer mode. Note: if you are using NayuOS, you are already in developer mode.

Test if you have chromebrew installed

Open a shell in your chromebook. (Press Ctrl-Alt-t and then type "shell") and then type "crew". You should see:

chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ crew
  crew build [-k|--keep] [-v|--verbose] <name> ...
  crew const [<name> ...]
  crew download [-v|--verbose] <name> ...
  crew files <name> ...
  crew help [<command>]
  crew install [-k|--keep] [-s|--build-from-source] [-S|--recursive-build] [-v|--verbose] <name> ...
  crew list (available|installed)
  crew remove [-v|--verbose] <name> ...
  crew search [-v|--verbose] [<name> ...]
  crew update
  crew upgrade [-k|--keep] [-s|--build-from-source] [-v|--verbose] [<name> ...]
  crew whatprovides <name> ...

If you don't see it, please install Nexedi's version of chromebrew. See, paragraph Installation. Should this not work, please use the default version at Github.

II Generate a Freefib token

See vifib-HowTo.Request.Freefib.Re6st.Token


III Install re6st

In the shell, run

chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ crew install re6stnet
re6stnet: Resilient, Scalable, IPv6 Network
version 0.514
Precompiled binary available, downloading...
Archive downloaded
Unpacking archive, this may take awhile...
Performing post-install...
To initiate re6stnet, run /usr/local/sbin/grandenet
Re6stnet installed!



IV Configure re6st

In the shell run

chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ sudo grandenet

And follow the instructions. Type your freefib token when asked for.

WARNING: the URL of registry should be


V Start and stop re6st

When you want to start and stop re6st, simply launch in the shell:

chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ sudo grandenet

If re6st is not started, It will ask you which config file you want to use and start re6st. If re6st is already started, it will ask you if you want to stop re6st.


Example of starting re6st:

chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ sudo grandenet
Welcome on Grandenet network. It is a resilient overlay mesh network providing IPv6.
        State: Not connected.
        After answering a few questions, you will be able to connect.
Configuration was found in '/home/chronos/user/.re6stconf'. Use it: [Y/n]? (answering n will delete the previous config) 
Using existing configuration in '/home/chronos/user/.re6stconf'.
The network manager shill was not started with the right blacklisted devices list. Restart it [Y/n]? 
shill stop/waiting
mount: mount(2) failed: /usr/share/cros/init/ No such file or directory
shill start/running, process 17172
re6st will start, it may take a few minutes before beeing usable

For debugging purpose, logs will be stored in /var/log/grandenet.
To stop grandenet, run 'sudo grandenet' command again.


Example of stopping re6st

chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ sudo grandenet
Welcome on Grandenet network. It is a resilient overlay mesh network providing IPv6.
        State: Connected. You are part of grandenet network.
        Your default IPv6 route is:
        default via fe80::b083:42ff:fec9:27b dev re6stnet3 proto babel src 2401:5180:0:14::1 metric 1024 
Do you want to leave grandenet network [y/N]? y

Cleaning up and exiting...
Removing changes in ip6tables rules
Killing re6stnet process...


VI Upgrade re6st

When you want to upgrade re6st, simply do

chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ crew update
 * branch              nexedi     -> FETCH_HEAD
HEAD is now at 5d895025 re6stnet version 0.514
Package lists, crew, and library updated.
Checking for package updates...

imagemagick could be updated from 6.9.9-50-7.0.7-38 to 6.9.10-14-7.0.8-14

Run `crew upgrade` to update all packages or `crew upgrade <package1> [<package2> ...]` to update specific packages.
chronos@localhost:~/Downloads$ crew upgrade re6stnet
(i) re6stnet: Resilient, Scalable, IPv6 Network
version 0.514
re6stnet is already up to date.