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Can I use Rapid.Space in China

Can I use Rapid.Space in China?
  • Last Update:2020-08-21
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Due to specific regulations in China, not everyone is allowed to use Rapid.Space in China. The following rules are applied:

  • All operation of Rapid.Space in China are accessed through a subdomain of;
  • Only valid holders of an ICP (Licence or Filing 备案) may be delivered a CDN presence in China (it can be used only with customer's own domain, content author should be identified, some documents must be signed); Please consult HowTo Apply ICP License For My Website for further information. 

The following rules applies to get an automatic CDN with domain under

  • Only approved Slapos services can order an automatic CDN. For example: KVM to access noVNC, access monitoring of the service, webrunner accesses, ...
  • In order to be approved, a Slapos service should order automatic CDN only for authenticated access (with password).