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ERP5 Free SaaS

TioLive provides Free ERP5 SaaS to companies and universities. It is the fastest way to learn and test ERP5.

TioLive has proved to be the most efficient way to implement ERP5 in small and medium size businesses (SMB). TioLive provides ERP, CRM and KM within a single integrated environment, together with business email, secure chat, VOIP and mobile phone accessibility. 7000 companies have already subscribed to TioLive.

One Student One ERP

The One Student One ERP (O.S.O.E) program provides to every student and research of partner institutions a dedicated ERP, CRM, KM and online development environment which can be used to teach Management Science, ERP configuration and provide a testbed for innovative research. Throug OSOE, TioLive intends to contribute to the progress of Management Science by creating mutual collaboration with academic research and education.

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Free as in Freedom

TioLive Data Protection Agreement (D.P.A) follows the principles of TIO Libre, defined in 2008 by FFII, and guarantees the absence of lock-in.

Your Data is Yours. All data introduced on the TIO Live platform by our clients remains the entire property of our clients and can be retrieved at any time. TioLive clients can just take away their data and the source code of ERP5 to run their environment on their own servers any time.

More Information: Data Protection Agreement