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Patriot Act has no effect on SlapOS Distributed Cloud, unlike legacy Clouds

Quick reaction to Patriot Act issues with public clouds.
  • Last Update:2011-07-13
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

VIFIB is probably the creator of massively distributed cloud. SlapOS Distributed Cloud technology was created to solve the growing problems of privacy and resilience posed by legacy Cloud. Recent news about the impact of Patriot Act on public clouds hosted in the US have made the headlines.

Here is our reaction.

1- It is not a US specific problem. Other countries (incl. China, France, etc.) have their own exception Laws which grant the right to government bodies to spy private data or trade secrets without any court decision. US bashing on this topic would be naive.

2- The only solution to protect privacy on the Cloud is distributed Cloud. We will soon issue a manifesto to encourage everyone to contribute to SlapOS. Distributed Cloud such as SlapOS is not only better for privacy but also to promote free market, competition and innovation.