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HowTo Request a KVM on Xunkongjian in China

How to request a KVM on and set parameters to access in China
  • Last Update:2020-01-29
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

This documents will describe the steps necessary to request a KVM on In order to request a usable KVM, we need to provide some specific parameters when requesting, which will describ in below.

Register an account

Visit and regist an account. Then login with the account you just created. On the left sidebar, there has an button "Services", click it to enter the "Sevices" page.

Xunkongjian Services Page

Request KVM

Now you are in the "Servies" page. On the page's navigation bar, you can find a button "Add", click it, you will enter a workflow which will create a software.

Xunkongjian Services Page

The first stage is: 1/3 Select one Software. Here you will see a list which contains some softwares, choose "KVM" and click.

Xunkongjian Select KVM

You will enter the second stage: 2/3 Select one Release. Choose "KVM" and click.

Xunkongjian Choose KVM

Now you are in the third stage: 3/3 Request Service: KVM. Select software type "Resilent":

Xunkongjian KVM Resilient

The most important thing in this stage is if you want to allocate one VM in China, you have to fill the two parameters:

"Target computer for main instance" : COMP-3079
"Additional Frontend Instance ID" : SOFTINST-123499

Xunkongjian KVM Target Computer

Addtional Frontend Instance ID

Note: The option "Target computer for main instance" only displayed after you select the software type "Resilient in the last step.

Click “Proceed”, wait a bit. Then in the "Services" page, you can see the KVM you just requested. Click and enter, scroll down, you will see a table which named "Instance". You can see an option "kvm0". Click and enter it:

Xunkongjian KVM Instance KVM0

In the KVM0 page, scroll down to the bottom. There has a table which named "Connection Parameters", the last row is "url-addtional", this is the link to access your KVM.

Xunkongjian KVM Addtional URL